Jan 14, 2013

Sweet 16 (and praying for America!)

Today our Ethiopian daughter turns sixteen!

 Three years ago she arrived hardly speaking English, today she is a sassy firecracker of an American teenager.  Quick witted, serious about learning and ready for a good tease always.  Joy unspeakable to her mother and father.

Let's remember to stand in the gap for our country;

on my heart:

our President : for godly decision making and for knowing the the quiet guidance of the Holy Spirit

for our military:  for wisdom and strength of its leaders

for us-the people:  for a stirring within each American to turn back (really) to God

for judges and lawmakers:  an increasing draw to follow His ways and to honor Him

for our teachers:  the ability to teach that doesn't follow the pattern of this world, but follows the pattern of the Kingdom.  I pray for salvation for our teachers and that it would trickle down to our children.


Kathy C. said...

Has it really been three years! I've been following your blog either since she came home or right before.

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet treasure of a girl! I loved your description of her and your love for her.

I'm with you and the others in prayer today. So much to pray about and think about.

Anna said...

Well, that was fast! Happy Birthday, S!

Kimmie, can she drive? :)

Kimmie said...

Hi Anna...
thank you for the well wishes...
In our house we wait for *18* before they *can* drive. We have one who is 18 and just starting to show interest in learning. Hoping it will happen, as my oldest is no longer here to help.
Hope you are well... (hug) ...and still praying for you ( yours) .
Kimmie@ overthemoonwithjoy

Expat Mom said...

Wow, that went fast! I can't believe she's 16 . . . and to think you thought you'd have a 13 year old at this point. :) She's turned into a wonderful young woman and I'm so glad she is a part of your family.

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