Feb 24, 2013

Prayer Request Sunday...Confession...

Today I am going to share something...

maybe you've been here before, 
maybe somehow you didn't hear or understand...
but today I want to make it clearly known 
(the confessional part of this post)

I am LOVED...
before I ever became a Christian, (which doesn't mean that I go to church, but means I follow and live my life for Jesus)
 I was loved. 
 Wondering what I am talking about?
  Well, it goes something like this, you've probably heard this or read it before...
but it says:

For God so loved the world (meaning people and all He so beautifully created)
that He gave (a free gift!)
His only Son
(my beautiful Jesus)
that whoever (me! me! me!  and I hope you too!)
believes in Him
(makes Him Lord and Savior)
will not perish
(die, waste away, have eternal separation)
but will receive (again the gift being offered)
Eternal life.

Now this gift and eternal life isn't only for the old, the sick, those who are desperate...but for any who will accept it. It is freeing, it is life changing, it is amazing...and I am IN!  I've been in (His Family)
and am so thankful to be loved.

YOU see He is offering a gift. 
 The gift is Jesus. 
He came wrapped in humanness.
Have you unwrapped the gift of Jesus...

He lived, He died, He paid the price with His  blood to bring you into His family.

There is only one way to become a Christian and it is through accepting Jesus.

I love Him, because He first loved me.  

Because of this love, I am a leaker of LOVE.  If you get close to me, I will inevitably leak on you.  You see, I am a lover of all things Kingdom related and want to be sure that you get a touch of Him, when you are with me.  

Light is in me, (Jesus is the Light of this world)...you can not get near me without having this Light seep out of me (because I am a leaky vessel).  He made me to be leaky on purpose.  He doesn't want me to contain this LOVE He has so freely blessed me with, He wants me to give it, to share it, to grow it.

So there...now on to the next part of this...

are you still an orphan...?
do you know the One who died to give you life ?(real life, not the stuff this world offers)
do you have His joy...?
do you know His goodness...?
He is most definitely GOOD...

if the answer is 'Yes,'  then Hurray...!
But if the answer is, 'No,"
 then don't waste another breath without joining the Family.

You have a Father (nothing like the earthly one you were given, whether that father was good or bad or somewhere in between)...and He loves you. 
  He wants you, He desires you, He is waiting for you, He thinks you are beautiful, wonderful and you are pleasing to Him. He has plans for your life...come and see.

Please, please, please...say Yes to Jesus (leave me a note if you want me to pray with you.)

And if you do know Him,
 leave me a "I'm totally in too," note!

Let's be LEAKY this week!


Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm in too!!! :-) I couldn't live another day without God's love and provision. xx

Rhonda said...

Yes, you know I am "in", but know some who are struggling now with feeling there isn't love His church...a young boy in college..the son of dear friends of ours wrote a sad post today. I was dumbfounded by how painfully he posted on FB about his disappointment in the love of the church...was ready to walk. I realize this is not necessarily reality --maybe his situation is full of misunderstandings, but he felt it was today and so I pray for his young heart not to go away hurt and bitter...will you pray for a young fellow named "N" who needs to believe in faith that God is for him and his people are too.

Bird's Words said...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post from a woman who loves orphans, but understood she once was one. The way you shared the Gospel so showed your heart and the heart of our Father. This would make a beautiful Gospel tract to hand out when people talk to you about adoption. :) Just a thought because you have such a beautiful way with words.

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