Feb 9, 2013

Snowed In (seriously)

3 feet of snow.



state roads shut down.

thankfully the reluctant snowblower finally came to and now the long driveway is cleared.
(yeah handsome Knight).

the dear father-in-love tried to come to our rescue with his plow, but he couldn't even get into our street.

the wind is whipping about.

cold for sure.

the oven is running with some gingerbread to warm the hearts or all those outside who are helping their Papa to make a way out into the world (well when the town actually plows).

enjoy your Saturday.

off to figure out what to make for lunch...

 the snow behind the window is real, a drift over 4 feet high.

 we have drifts that are higher.

we can't see our cars in the driveway...they are under a lot of crunchy snow.
pardon the seemingly unhappy child.  she is Ethiopian and doesn't quite love the layered look.


the thawing child is much happier with a snack and a fire in the fireplace to warm her frozen piggies.


Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness! It is chilly here, but, wow, you certainly have the snow! Love the picture by the fire...looks so homey and wonderful. I am about to head outside to take hay to ponies and goaties. Gonna bundle up because I dread getting chilled.

Karen said...

I admit we are a tad bit jealous! The snow keeps going to the north of us and all we get this year are dustings and coatings...wish it could even out a bit. :-) The gingerbread sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

There was a storm like this when I was a kid and the drifts piled to the garage roof. Made for wonderful memories for us, but I'm pretty sure it was trying for my parents. My parents didn't take many pics, so now I'm not sure what is true memory and if the snowdrifts get higher with each telling. :) You guys really are experiencing a storm of a lifetime. Stay warm and safe!

Lisa said...

I've been wondering how you're doing, Kimmie. You probably got a bit more than us. Thank God it's over!

mom said...

I've been wondering how you've fared with the snowstorm blowing through your neck of the woods! Enjoy the memories that come with it and stay warm!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

I'm so ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

She is so gorgeous! We've been hearing about the snow you're having. Stay safe!

Bird's Words said...

We had a snow like this only once in my son's life. He and Ellie both would LOVE to have this much snow, but it looks like KY will be missed again this year :(
Glad you're nice and warm and finally able to start plowing out!
Much love to you!

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