Sep 15, 2013

Embarking on Another Year of Homeschool

{hear the crowd cheer, hear the roar of the people, whistles, banners and amazement}


We have embarked in our eighteenth year of homeschool!  Why did we choose this road?  When we began it was an oddity.  When we bought our first curriculum, only a few were available- compared with the choices available today.  The Internet was new (well, at least to my family) and a homeschool chat board was my only form of encouragement. 

We walk this road because God, the One we love and follow, called us to it.  We continue forward each year with His call still driving us, on this path of homeschooling.

In the beginning we chose a name for our little school that rose up in a sleepy farm community.  We called our little home school, 'Growing Along Together.'  Back then in order to get some curriculum we had to sound like we were an official school, my how things have changed.  

It hasn't always been easy.  We've had our struggles and our grand successes.  We've seen milestones among our ranks and bonding grow as God not only showed Himself strong in our lessons, but in a calling to grow our family through adoption.  I am amazed as I look back and see how in 5 short years, that He added 5 children to our hearts and home.  A sibling group of 3, a baby from Ethiopia, and a just turned teen also from our beloved Ethiopia.  I became the mother of what most say is many.  But still our hearts stay focused on what and who had called us.  Always, always remembering that where He calls you, He enables you.  We could never do this without Him.

Both parenting and schooling has kept us on our knees.  As we seek Him, He comes.  He fills our lives, He directs our paths, He grants wisdom and guides us.  

Thought you'd like to see the kids on the first day of school...times are a busy...but boy the reward for the work is worth it.  

We continue to press on.  Believing that He who calls us and enables us is Good and so very faithful!

Our soon to be 19 year old...
beginning her first semester at college!
Another one graduated (that's two if you're counting!)

Our 16 year old freshman... 
Miss Sassy Pants

Our 14 year old freshman...

12 years old and entering the sixth grade this year...

Another of my sixth graders, ready to go!

Fifth grade...can you see he keeps me on my toes?

Look who started kindergarten!

And we're off 
(pray for me if I cross your mind!)

And I'd love to hear from you who pop by to check on us
...leave me a love note 
and a prayer request if you have any.


Rhonda said...'s my love note ♥...How I've thought of you, and yes, said a prayer, too. Just this morning, I wished for word from you, dear friend. So happy to see and hear from your spot in the land. Home schooling is underway here as well. Your 18th year made me wonder how many years it's been for us, so I counted up 17years! Phew!

Tomorrow, a final walk through from our case worker for opening our home to adoption through the state....:) Installing drawer and cabinet catches right now and took a break to write a few notes in my bloggy folder. I'm not so handy with an electric screw driver, but I'm making it happen anyway. :)

Love to you. Thankful for the sweet fragrance of your life.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Do you college age kids do their studies online or do they attend a university? Did they choose a Christian college? Praying for you. Have a great school year.


Anonymous said...

Love seeing how BIG your kids have gotten!! Hope you have a wonderful school year!


Kathy C. said...

Hope you have a great year filled with wonder and discovery.

Lori said...

I've been following your blog since before your last adoption. Your kids have grown so much! They all look happy and delightful! Hope this is your best homeschool year yet.

Kimmie said...

Hi Erika!

We have done both (online and local). So far no Christian college.
But in our minds college is not a have to, but like a call from God to fulfill the destiny/plan He has for your life.

hope this answers your questions.

AND thanks for the prayers!


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