Jan 5, 2014

Do You Have a Need or Desire Today?

Happy New Year! 

 Praying this New Year is notedly marked by the very Presence and favor of God upon your life.  Has He given you vision into this New Year?  Would you like me to pray with you for vision?  Would you like me to stand with you in receiving something He has spoken to your heart for this new season?  

I want to love Him more. 
 I want to serve Him more.  
I want to hear His voice both day and night.
  I want to be a fisher of men and saved the lost.  
I want to make Him Lord of my heart and teach my children to do the same. 
 I want the fire of God ~ 
passion and zeal~
 a fresh anointing to love as He loves.

Father, here I am, I need Your help.  I want You and I desire to glorify your Name with my life.  Draw me closer to Your heart and to Your will for me.  Let me not miss an opportunity that You lay before me each day of 2014.  Teach me from Your Word, fill me so I can pour out into those You place into my path.

Oh Lord, make Your Name great and let Your Light shine as never before in my life.

Draw us to Your side and fill us with Your Holy Spirit.
in Jesus' Name,


Waiting to hear from you...
come on, don't be shy...
I love to pray!


andrea said...

what a beautiful post! and what promising hope! God has given me a promise. awaiting for His miracle and promise. I would so love your prayers/vision God places in your heart for me...how to pray, standing on Him and clarity and calmness while I await. :) blessings as you serve! so encouraged by your post this morning!

Web Tube said...

Its as if you read my mind! You seem to know a great deal about this, just like you wrote the novel in it or something. I think that one could do by incorporating pics they are driving the message home somewhat, but instead of the, this is great blog. A fantastic read. Ill definitely be back.

Cccam Server

Anonymous said...

Yes. I hate to burden anyone, but I am getting desperate. I can walk without any devices...physically. But there seems to be a disconnect between what I logically know I can do and what my muscles will let me do. I have hit a brick wall, and can't climb over it. I just want to get past this darn hump.

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