Apr 30, 2015

On Giving

Proverbs 19:17 (Easy to Read Version)

Giving help to the poor is like loaning money to the Lord
He will pay you back for your kindness.

I remind myself again and again that we can never out-give the Lord.  Here He is asking us; or reminding us, that all He is asking of us is kindness.  Kindness is just another name for mercy; which is another name for love. Kindness works like cash in the Kingdom.  We give it and it goes into our heavenly account. 

 As we do it, the Lord sees it and counts it as reaching out to help Him.  Remember what He said about that...


I have been asking God to help me be kind to those who have less; there are so many who are hurting all around us.  Each week He has given me the energy to rise early on Saturday, to reach out his heart to the poor.  He goes ahead of me, bringing them and then gives me the words and the strength to begin to love them. I am amazed at how often they are flipping it and being 'KIND' to me. 

How often do we not step out because we feel like we have nothing to give.  I think most of us equate giving with dollar and cents signs, instead of acts of love and kindness. Many times, I am giving more from my heart than from my purse, but the Word says that the Lord sees this kindness and sets aside a reward for us.  How often does the enemy come to us and tell us we aren't doing enough for God.  Right here we can claim it isn't how much we are "doing", but how much we are being who we were made to be.

Be Kind.

It's not that hard.  Let the love flow and God will move to do His part!  

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Rhonda said...

HOw encouraging to read your post. ♥♥♥So touched by you, Kimmie.

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