Jul 30, 2015

Encouragement for Today

Today in the grocery store I ran into a man who I went to church with as a child.  He was now older (as am I!)  and the only reason I recognized him was he asked me where a particular kind of macaroni and cheese was located.  I didn't so much as recognize his face, which had changed over time, but his voice made me say, "Are you Dave (I also used his last name)?"  

I think it startled him, as he asked me why I wanted to know.  I told him who I was, and we began to reminisce.

He was super positive and though he had been facing some pretty big life struggles the past few months, he continued to thank God for his blessings.  Sweet Dave and I prayed right there in the aisle fourteen.  He slipped his well worn hand into mine and we stormed heaven together for his wife, who had gone through brain surgery and suffered a stroke.

After we prayed his eyes began to twinkle even more.  He told me he had but one request before He went home to be with Jesus.  

I asked him what that one request was.  
Bless my soul,
  he said he wanted to read the Bible 100 times!

He said he got saved when he was 30 and had been reading it 2 times every year since then, or trying to.  He currently had read it 56 times!  I think my jaw dropped down and he told me he wasn't doing it just to do it, but that he loved God's Word and just couldn't get enough.  Sigh, me too, but I have only read it 8 or 9 times, and already have lost count.   

He encouraged me with his eye twinkle, he encouraged me by his devotion to the Lord and for His Word.  Dave also encouraged me, because he has a son that isn't walking with the Lord, but continues to believe that one day Mark will understand who this Jesus is and will say yes to Him too. Not out of fear, but because of understanding how greatly He loves him.

My soul needed to meet this dear man today.  Life has been hard this year and I have been feeling more negative than positive as of late.  The battles have piled up one upon another for me this year and boy have I been feeling it physically.

Thank you Father for sending me encouragement and helping me to change my perspective.


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