Oct 31, 2015

A Fall Large Family Photoshoot

With the help of our oldest, we spent an afternoon doing a family photoshoot! 
(Thanks Bella!)

Loads of new pictures to share.  Fun, fun.
And in case you aren't part of a large family, a photoshoot of this size is troublesome in many ways.  So much blinking, different skin colors that we need to be sure don't become mere shadows and of course the what should we wear so we don't appear to be sheer chaos.  

The reason we are all gathering for pictures is soon it will be time for Christmas cards!  Our oldest Ethiopian isn't fond of November shoots, as her tiny body has a hard time smiling when it is shaking to keep alive in the brisk New England weather.  This is the earliest we have managed to capture photos for Christmas, and though we fought the wind- it was smooth sailing for the most part.

All in all we got some nice photographs to remember another year of our very blessed lives.
Cameras are a gift and so is a daughter (and a son-in-love) who give to the cause of family.

 Our biggest baby and our awesome son-in-love, JoJo.


Tammy said...

Absolutely beautiful, Kimmie! Your family is definitely growing up quickly, so best to capture it in pictures :-)

As always, crazy busy here.......sometime soon I will catch you up, my friend.

Tammy ~@~

Lisa said...

A very nice shot!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!

Rhonda said...

Well worth the trouble and what a beautiful family and photo !

Kathy C. said...

Nice. And I understand, although we are much smaller now. Last church directory in 2011 we had nine in the photo. This year five.

Karen said...


Isabella Kiss said...

These came out nice (if I do say so myself) and look great on your updated sidebar!

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