Nov 10, 2015

A Girl's Love

~My Sweet Caravan~
Call me crazy, I miss her already.  It has only been a short time since we were together, but I miss spending time with her.  She has been winterized and pushed to a corner that is not needed for the winter. She looks cold and lonely in her new spot. My heart longs for her and her sweet vintage vibe.

As soon as spring shows any sign of arriving, I will begin to give my husband the eyes. This means, can we please pop-her-up and can we go for a sleep over?  I love sleeping outside.  I love cozying up inside her welcoming arms and reading whatever is the book of the moment.  

She is plumped up with quilts and overstuffed pillows.  Everyone loves sleeping in her or sneaking in a few precious moments to read away a warm day in her company. Some days you can find a cat or two enjoying her beauty.  And most nights you can also find a dog, who thinks we bought it for her, whining at her welcoming mat to be let in for 40 winks. But really she belongs to the Mama, who looked long and hard to find the one she saw in her dreams.  You need an invitation to come through her small threshold, as Mama is particular about sharing her.

Most of my friends don't understand.  They don't love the outdoors or the wind whispering through netted windows.  They don't love the idea of birds waking them up as the sun rises either.  But that is okay, because I am in love with her.  She brings me joy that I can't even begin to capture in black and white words on a page. She is my gypsy caravan and we were made for each other.

Yup, she is a charmer.  I wish it was spring once again. 
I wonder if she misses me too?  

What has your heart?  What brings you simple joy? How will you make it through the coming long winter? 


Rhonda said...

What pure fun ! I love the idea of a winter's anticipation. When the time comes and you can climb back into this enchanted little space, your enjoyment will be through the roof, as I'm sure it is year after year. ♥

Rob said...

I know how you feel about sleeping outdoors as I have spent many happy times sleeping in my little tent in wilderness places. Also I remember when we were at the farm, when the weather was good enough we would drag out some old cushions and camp beds on to the lawn and just sleep under the stars. It's the best thing ever falling asleep watching the stars.

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