Sep 30, 2016

The College Student

Hard to believe how fast time comes and goes.  Seriously I need to stop blinking and slow things down a bit.
Our sweet Ethiopian has begun her studies, dabbling in getting her feet wet in higher education.  This is her first experience outside of her home education, here in America.  She is eager and ready.

We are several weeks in now and up to our eyeballs in assignments, but she is enjoying this new step in finding out what and where God is taking her.


Kathy Cassel said...

She's beautiful

Anonymous said...

Stop blinking! I'm gonna blame you. My kids have hit an enormous growth spurt. I had to "stare down" a young airman making googly eyes at my 5'8" blondie the other day! 😳🙃

Karen said...

Crazy how these kids are growing up! :-) Mine too... I have my first high school senior this year.

Robert Harrison said...

It's frightening how fast they grow up. I'm pleased to read that she is enjoying it.

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