Jan 1, 2019

Words Over 2019

                        Morning friends!
      What sits on my heart in this fresh new year is some words that have recently been stirring in my heart. My time away from this blog that I loved so dearly and was so the focus of so much of my mothering years, had to be layed down in order to press my life into His in ways deeper than I had gone before.  You see my children needed a mother who was strong in the Lord, in order to have the strength and wisdom to fight the battles for their hearts and lives.  And a battleground it has been.

  But today that is not my focus, today I will embark on sharing my hunger for God and for His Word with you.  My missing posts over the past are due to the facts that my time became fixed to immersing myself both in prayer and in studying the Word.  No formal classes, no how-to book, just a need and a cry to my Father rose up from my soul and His wisdom to me was to lay down this blog and to pursue Him.  And in it lies the beauty of His love for me and for mine.

  Life is a battlefield. We are in the midst of spiritual battles constantly whether we are aware or not.  My heart saw the battle, my mind didn't always know what to do in regards with the solutions.  My soul tried to fix things.  When I say soul, I am referring to my mind, my will and my emotions. And soulish fixing of things just doesn't work.

   So I layed down my soul before God and asked Him to help me.  I asked Him to give me wisdom and strength.  I studied and the Holy Spirit taught me about my spiritual armor (Ephesians 6). He also became my very best friend and counsel. Wisdom, strength, and His mighty power have clothed me.

  I am growing to trust Him more.  I am learning to be Spirit filled and Spirit led in my walk and call to mothering.  It is a hard job, particularly in the hearts of adopted children, who carry a brokenness within that can manifest in so many ways.  Ways that are too much for me in the natural to handle, but we know with God all things are possible.

  So today I share the words that the Spirit is speaking to my heart.  He is saying that this year, more than any other, I will be a disciple-maker and that, 'strong in Spirit' will be our life aim here at our house. Jesus was strong in Spirit and this will be our aim.

Luke 2:40
  40And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.

  A Christian who is strong in Spirit will not live from their soul and will not be a soulish led Christian, but one who instead is empowered by the fullness of God's Spirit within and will be able to live from victory and wholeness. Soulishness comes from us at the center, it leads often to sin and self on the throne of our lives.

  We also are reading through the Bible together. We are using the YouVersion Bible app and a plan that takes you through the Bible month by month. (My 4 youngest who don't have cell phones follow the plan with me in their Bibles).  It is a few chapters a day and will keep us on track.  In the end together we will have read and discussed the entire Word of God. (Which they have individually been in since they could read).
The Word is essential and we need its entirety.

 Bless you. Hope to reestablish old precious friendships and to begin to make new ones.

                            Happy 2019!


Karen said...

It was good to read your words today. My "word of the year" is "Strong" which fits in with your verse! I have a secondary word of "Content" (in all circumstances). I am also reading through the Bible. I've chosen a chronological reading plan this year.

Rob said...

Dear Kimme, I wish you and your family all the best for the coming year.

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