Feb 8, 2019

I got a Crush! {Floral Delivery!}

Just wanted to share my surprise that came via FedEx this morning...

Seriously, the prettiest, best wrapped and most beautiful bouquet my sweet Knight has ever sent. Hydrangeas, snapdragons, roses, Gerber daisies and green Eucalyptus to adorn the bouquet entitled 'Crush!'

 They arrived in a large brown heavy weight cardboard box.  The flowers were tied down with a heavy weight zip tie. They were bundled in 2 separate cellophane bundles and once we unpackaged them saw that some of the flowers had stem support (to avoid breakage) and some even had a netting over the flower to keep them from damage during shipping.

Well, my husband got a big thank you for this beautiful bouquet, even the tin container (which has an old fashioned enamelware feel) is lovely.

My Knight use to order from 1800 (flowers), in the past...but no more of that!  

The Bouqs Co. use U.S. farm growers and are into sustainability!  Artistry is high on their hearts and they look to work with florists and farmers who love what they do too! What they deliver was great evidence of just that.

Looking to send beautiful flowers?  The Bouqs Co. even offer a coupon page!

Want to take a peak at some more of their work?  So very lovely!

I am not getting paid to post on this lovely company, just felt like sharing with you something really good and worth your money!

As a practical girl, I discourage my Knight from sending flowers on holidays. But he slipped these in before Valentines Day and honestly my heart is so blessed! What a lovely Friday surprise.

The love note and bouquet care instructions.

Happy Friday friends.
Be blessed.

Love for you to leave a note and let me know you popped in. Encouragement does a heart wonders! ❤


Rhonda Gunn said...

Very pretty! (and thanks for the info on this company)

Lisa said...

That is a nice looking vase, isn't it? And, the flowers, of course. :)

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