Jun 14, 2007

flashback 2006

The tears couldn't be contained, after all I was standing there worshipping God, and he reminded me of where I was the year before-yet burning into my heart where I was presently.

Last year at this time for 10 days I was asked by the state foster care system to watch over a sibling group of 3, while their foster family took a vacation to Florida. They marched up my sidewalk with their little suitcases in their hands, they were so tiny. I opened the door and welcomed them in, I bent down low to speak to them, telling them how excited we were that they were coming to stay with us for a bit. Their eyes were distant, there was no sparkle. I invited them in and chatted with their foster parents for a while. I gave them all a house tour, so they would feel comfortable with being here, our home is your home. I picked up the smallest, (then named Shane) and proceded to our basement, which is a loaded playroom, the kids eyes began to show a little bit of sparkle. We went back to the living room where I pulled out the wooden train set the the Lord had recently blessed me with, back then I thought it was for my "coming" Guatemalan son, though he was supposed to be an infant. The Lord looked down and laughed, as I realized my train gift had been meant for another purpose. Now it made sense, I laughed too.

The parents departed, and I quickly called my knight. I told him he better stay at work for the 10 days, because if came home, surely he would lose his heart and we would be in for big trouble (as I already had). Our ten days were filled with fun, we spoiled and treated, hugged and kissed-we learned when the social worker Kerrie visited, that they needed an adoptive home.

As Kerrie talked with me 'I knew,' actually my husband and I had already discussed our willingness to do whatever was needed to make them ours, even if it meant surrendering everything.

I told her then about us, about our waiting on an adoption to Guatemala (how we were going to get our referral any day, how we were waiting on the boys list, but really felt like God would be sending us more than one child, we even prepared our Dossier to say, "children" as we felt the Lord had a bigger family for us). When I asked her and she told me their story, their need, immediately I told her how we felt about them, that we would want to adopt them...very complicated-as you can't legally work with two agencies (or that is what we were told). However No Thing (nothing) is impossible with God!(Luke 18:27 He replied, "What is impossible from a human perspective is possible with God." Matt. 19:26 Jesus looked at them intently and said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible." )

Wednesday night at I stood there worshipping, my children in a long chain down the row of seats beside me. My youngest son with his arms wrapped around my neck, as he sang out with me to God, my 4 year old son with his arms wrapped fully around my knees-kissing my hand as he sang. Yes, the tears of joy rolled down my cheek, as I pondered how a barren woman could be so blessed. Oh, I knew how I could be so blessed, I have a loving Father that has heard my cries, heard my prayers for children. He knew before I even prayed, because he put those desires there.

God is so good to me. People have asked us about attachment and about how wonderful it is that we have "taken in" these children, giving them a home. I guess they don't know that it wasn't my doing, I try to point to God. He is the one that "thought" of this, he is the one that worked out all the details. He made these 6 children mine-he had entrusted me with their care. He put a love in their hearts for us, for our family. It is a year later, and we are very much a family, very much bonded and connected emotionally to each other. How could it have happened? Well, by the very grace of God, his hand is upon us, we have submitted our lives to him...we daily continue to submit and seek him. When we have a need we pray and we see him faithfully answer. He is so good-words, tears, pictures, nothing really captures how grateful we are to Him.

Thanks for letting me share ;-) What do you find yourselves in tears of joy about lately? I'd love to know so I could praise God with you too! Be blessed!


ManyBlessings said...

Awww Kimmie! What a wonderful story (and such beautiful children) and what a great reminder that NOTHING is impossible with God. Nothing.

EEEEMommy said...

I am so blessed to read your story! (at least a part of it)
Our God is so amazing to bring you all together!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Come back any time, I'll definately be back to visit you, and discover the rest of the story!

javamamma said...

You are such an amazing family! Thanks for sharing a little of your story.

Diane said...

What a blessing it is to read your story. As an adoptive mom, I know that joy! We are in the process of trying to adopt another little one, and I really needed to hear your words "No thing" is impossible with God. In my heart I know that, but when you're in the midst of the process it's good to be reminded.



Cindy said...

Oh sweet friend. That was beautiful! And so you know, YOU gave me tears of joy today. Joy for those beautiful children, joy for their beautiful mommy. You made me praise my God by sharing this post.

Lisa writes... said...

Returning the visit and found myself holding my breath at the beauty of your words in this post. Thank you for testifying to the love and faithfulness of our God. Absolutely, extraordinarily beautiful...

Kim said...

What a beautiful story of how God does bless us and give us what we do not deserve...in His timing, in His ways! The hidden hand of Providence...so amazing!

Such beautiful children!
I will be back!


Elle said...

Nice to meet you, Kimmie. I'm an adoptive mom of two boys, 2 homemade (1 being raised in heaven). I'm glad you stopped by. Giving thanks is indeed a theme for your blog. I will visit again.

Rabbit said...

Kimmie, I'm so glad you dropped by the Hutch and that I clicked over to meet you! Tears in my eyes as I praise Him alongside you. :) I love your way with words. I'll see you again soon!

rosemary said...

What a wonderful, ongoing story of God's goodness to the children and to you. The title of your blog seems a very apt description of your lives!
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a calling card...

tonia said...

Tears of joy?

For your little lost ones who found their home that day, tiny suitcases in hand.

I am REJOICING with all your dear ones.

Happy Anniversary!

Lovella said...

Oh Kimmie, this story of hope and God's goodness and love is just what my heart needed for today.
What a wonderful post. God truly can do the impossible can't He?

Your little brood is just so wonderful.

Stacy said...

dear Kimmie,
has it really been a whole year?!?! oh, my! i am *so* rejoicing with you at these precious three children that came into your life and heart that day. i sure love our God!!!
hugs to them all from me!

nsremom said...

What a wonderful story. It reminds me of the oldtime Baptist churches where ladies would stand and TESTIFY to all within earshot.

Testify what He has done.

you've testified at His mercy. I'm moved to tears myself reading your story.

Yesterday on a walk (alone...)I felt an amazing thankfulness for my youngest child. The child that was not planned. You see, I already HAD a baby 5 months old! Surely I didn't need another one yet! But God had greater plans.

When she was 5 she fell from some bleachers on her head onto concrete. It remains my worst day. period. (she was completely fine later that day after hours of not knowing) but for a brief moment I had a glimpse of life without her.

so, you asked what brings me to tears of joy? Knowing that He is the giver of ALL life. period. And doesn't he totally know best?

Ani said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Suzanne's, and this post touched my heart.
Lately, I find myself overcome when I look at our 22-month old son. He is our biggest blessing, the light and joy of our lives. After years of trying to conceive and a long adoption wait this little guy came home with us - a gift from God.
Thank you for sharing your story.
God bless!

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

What a beautiful testimony to Our Lord! You did give Him glory in your post...I praise Him alongside you for the amazing ways in which He works! Adoption is His plan, and you and I...just happen to be part of His plan! :)

Anonymous said...


I can't believe a whole year has passed since the three little blessings showed up at your doorstep, we all are very greatful for God's hand upon your lives....thanks for sharing it's good to remember that NOTHING is impossible with our God.


Anonymous said...

What a great site and a nice reflection!
Jen Clark.

Sue said...

I just love your heart! How blessed you are and how incredibly blessed those children are to be a part of such a loving home. Only God can do that!!

bubandpie said...

Wow. What a wonderful thing those faces are.

Kathy said...

What beautiful beautiful story, you have a remarkable way with words. Your children are absolutely darling. Thank you for visiting my blog, drop in anytime. I know I'll visit here again.

ExPat Mom said...

I just found your blog and am impressed with your story. I would also love to adopt, although I have two beautiful children of my own! You are very blessed.

I´m interested in knowing how your Guatemalan adoption is going, as I live in Guatemala (Canadian expat). If you need someone to connect with when you are down here, give me a shout! I would love to meet you and help out in any way that I can.

natalie said...

I found you after traveling through several other blogs. What an amazingly blessed story. I don't know why, but you've touched my heart in a very sensitive way. God Bless you and your beautiful crowd of children. I'll be back often.

Bobbie-Jo said...

I am so excited to find your blog! We also have 6 kids, 3 of them added by adoption/custody. I will definitely be back to read about your story and how God is working in your life.

Adrienne and Jim said...

I am so happy I just found your blog. Perfect timing! We are picking up our child from his baby home in Vladivostok, Russia tomorrow! He is 18 months old and has never known the love of a mommy and daddy. He is so delayed socially and emotionally. It's so sad he has missed so much. I needed to read your post today as I prepare for tomorrow and all that is to come. You are right...NOTHING is impossible with God. He can attach to us. He can learn to make eye contact. He will feel the love we have for him and kmow we will never leave him.

Thank you for sharing your story.


kate said...

I found your blog through suz's adoption round-up. What a wonderful story you have to share!

:: Suzanne :: said...


Thanks for the Award! I'm looking forward to doing it when I get a minute. I'm finally posting the round-up at Adoption Blogpost Roundup#2.

We are also accepting nominations for July's theme. Please leave your ideas in the comments.

MG said...

Thanks so much for posting. We are awaiting placement through foster adopt, and God surely meant for me to see your story today. It blessed me *amazingly*. Thank you again!

SuzieQ said...

I sit behind you at church at times and get to see the love and devotion you have to all of your beautiful family. I see why you call your husand a Knight, but you are a Queen, you never get tired of holding on to your young son as he wraps his arms around your necks, you just sway and praise with him. To me you are both heros! May God continue to use and direct you and bless you to overflowing!love Suzanne

Mommy of 4 princesses said...

We too are blessed through Foster Adoption Three Siblings came to us just one year ago and we expect they will be "legally ours" next month. WHAT A BLESSING your story is. My heart longs for more. 6 or 7 seems fine.
I added your blog to my site and would like to add this whole story with your permission.

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