Nov 16, 2007

Big trouble ...Sandi ~-URGENT

The latest is not good news, on Sandi coming home with Hannah (from China) on Saturday...

read the enclosed and keep on your knees, time to wear out the fabric!


Received word today that the US Consulate has DENIED Sandi a visa for baby Hannah. This is based on the fact that her late husband was listed as the "petitioner" on the I-171H. They are demanding she leave Hannah there, file a new I-600A (that when approved produces the coveted I-171H), while offering no guarantees that it will be approved. She has to have a homestudy update to file a new I-600A. In my opinion, this is just insanity. She can't leave Hannah there. Hannah is legally her daughter. There is nowhere to leave her. Can't they have some compassion for this poor woman?

Her congressman's office was flooded with over 1000 phone calls, and they are working on it, while stating, "the final outcome is still up to the Consulate". Her agency,
Bethany Christian Services, and her mom, have requested no more calls to the congressman, as it is now impeding their progress in working on the case.

Please continue to pray for this dear lady. I can't imagine the pain and suffering she is going through.



Tracie Loux said...

I have no words.
But I will intercede.

Anonymous said...

Speechless but praying!!!!!

Cindy said...

Speechless here, too. But hitting my knees.

Nunnie's Attic said...

Same thoughts here. But praying with the others.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I think its great you decided to adopt so many children.. All too often people who want large families don't realize there are so many children in the world needing to be adopted.

You're really helping the world :)

Expat Mom said...

That is so awful, as if Sandi hasn´t been through enough! I´m glad there are people like you to ask for prayer for her.

Lovella said...

Oh Kimmie.

Praying . .still praying.

Greta Jo said...

oh my... I am praying now and will continue.

How are you holding up since your friends service? Thinking of you.

Kimmie said...

Hi Greta Jo~

God showed up ;-)

There were probably 50 people before us at the wake (followed by 500 behind us)...I kept praying as we neared our turn with the immediate family that I wouldn't start sobbing out of control. The mom and her sister weren't crying...a few hugs, some laughter, I felt sure I could do it.
my first for our family...
First Donna ( the mom) grabbed me...she held on and told me I was her prayer warrior...we both cried, she wouldn't let me go...the sobbing began, both of us. Next I went to Kandie...she also held me tight and we both started crying...we stood there for a long time-I felt like my body and my spirit were not joined very well together-separate, but together is my best explaination.

We stayed and others came to me, they held me and started crying...several people came and held me too a long time...again we'd cry.

I am not sure what tomorrow will hold (memorial service), but I can only tell you that I love this family. They are mine and I have a deep longing and need for them. I can only imagine that this is how God feels about us- it is not just a "show-up" thing, but a deep ache that is so real-it actually feels heavier than love.

I so covet your prayer-that they would know we love them and that it would somehow help them through their huge loss.

thanks for asking Greta Jo... ;-)


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

So sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you. (((hugs)))
I'm glad you are there for the family.

Our local news (we live about 1 hour from the family) is reporting that the Mom got her Visa for her daughter and they will be returning home tomorrow. I pray that is true!
FYI, it is


Christin said...

I'm continually shocked to silence over the trials that international adoption can have. God move mountains!!!

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