Nov 1, 2008

God speaks

I confess that I have been overwhelmed.
Thursday, mid-day I got into my jammies and announced to my kids that I needed to lay down. I hoped to sleep, but it never came. I asked God to let me sleep, as I just needed a break from all that my mind and heart were carrying. As I said, sleep didn't come, so I lay in my bed, very numb. Numb from so much crying, I'd assume.
I asked God if this was depression I was fighting. In the silence God told me this, very simple but so helpful:
Kimmie, depression is fixed on looking back. Anxiety is fixed on looking forward. Peace is resting in my arms, finding comfort in the present, which do you want?
My life is usually lived in total PEACE, I don't concentrate on my yesterdays, nor live too far in advance, though I've been blessed with vision for my life from God.
Asking God to keep me in his arms and give me the strength to pray for my baby. I'd ask you, would you commit to praying for our adoption? Our agency tells us to expect to be denied in our first court date in Ethiopia; that our papers won't be ready from the Central Authority. Would you storm heaven for *Little Beauty* and for the orphans of Ethiopia? ***And, church, while you're at it, will you stand in the gap for adoptions around the globe, satan is shutting down country after country, please pray that he be stopped.
The orphans and I thank you, this is Kingdom business and we need an army of prayer warriors to come out and stand in the very obvious gap that is taking place.
I have been told that if 7% of the church (Believer's) would step forward to adopt, that there would be no more orphans. Perhaps, we could cry out for those who are called to do this, to come forward- no more delays....the devil is winning this battle and I am personally sick of it. Rise up, put on your armour and pray believing God for the orphans to receive favor and to be placed quickly into families that will raise them up for the Lord. No more delays, no more countries shutting down to adoption, no more having it be about paperwork, it NEEDs to be about the orphans!


Bobbie-Jo said...


The Words God spoke to you are so very simple and beautiful. I'm thankful you got better than a sleep. You are in my prayer journal already, but I can always step it up!

To update on our "wee story": The SWs are not talking to anyone yet, because there is a 30 day appeal period ... almost over. We'll have to wait patiently and quietly. Thank-you for remembering us even in your trial.

Dawn said...

Count me in, Kimmie, on praying for you and for adoptions in general.

Lovella said...

I'm sorry Kimmie, I will pray for you .. .it seems that more and more God's people are being called to lift each other up before the Lord. .

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
We have been away in London for a few days and just got back and caught up with your blog.
I want you to know that I am praying for you and your ethiopian adoption.
Love & Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I will stand in prayer with you!
We have adopted two, but our heart aches for another. Why is adoption so expensive????????? It's wrong. It's evil that it has become "big business" and about the money and the numbers.
Please, Lord, give Kimmie the strength and vision she needs to get through this time. Lift the barriers and fill her arms once more with a miracle from You. Preserve Little Beauty in Your peace and care. Surround her with angels. Literally make some "new" caretakers be angels to minister to her.
Most of all... be there, Lord.


Amy said...

AMEN!! Amy

randi said...

Awesome! God is so good to speak to you and to encourage us with those words.

You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Your visit to me has meant more than you would ever know... I can't at this stage say too much, but I just wanted to mention to you that my family is moving in a direction I have been praying for and hoping for for a very long time... And reading your blog has been such an encouragement! And so inspirational! I pray that your arms will be filled soon with the bundle meant for you to love and guide. Thanks again for making yourself known to me... Blessings to you and your beautiful brood!

Renata said...

Praying for you right now Kimmie - & will continue. Praying also for your gorgous baby girl - that she can come home to her mummy soon.

Cathy said...

Yes. We need to pray. For our country. For our world. For orphans. For the lost. You do inspire me. Don't regret having a passion. I feel I am called to pray and I want to be prodded.

I was reading today, that in Europe only a less than an estimated 1% believe in Christ as their savior. And why would they want to stop adoptions to loving homes? I have a heart to pray for this and to pray for adoptions and to pray for a lost generation. We must pray and we must step up and we must trust Christ to give strength to provide for our livelihoods so that we can do true ministry each and every day.

JohannaS said...

I think it is great that in many countries more and more orphans do get homes in their home country. International adoption is only second best option if you compare it with domestic adoption.
And that is one reason why some countries stop allowing international adoptions.

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