Aug 31, 2013

Seeking Wisdom 101 ~with Helpful Links!

Seeking Wisdom 101... 


*from my heart:


  Stopping to share something God has been teaching me about.  I have been chewing through the book of Proverbs each day, and asking God to increase my wisdom. Our job as followers of Christ isn't an easy road, often we are faced with persecution and obstacles along the path. Having wisdom helps us, it not only safeguards us as we stand in His Truth, but it helps give us insight into the situations we daily face.


 Parenting can also require wisdom beyond what you already have. Ask me how I know? Just when you think you've got it, something new pops up its head and requires more wisdom. I have found that the key to godly parenting is lots of time in His Word and time spent in prayer.


Whether you are a new Christian, or a well-seasoned one, a wisdom journey is for you! 


 A fresh anointing and a hunger for wisdom is a great thing, care to join me?


The Basics:

first source:  God's Word 

(The Bible is full of Wisdom:  try the book of Proverbs)

second source:  prayer 

(God/Holy Spirit)

third source:  godly counsel



                                   fourth source: my other category

                   it happens to fall to this website

 (look in the index,
 after you check out who 
and why they've shared this with us).

I happened to stumble across it yesterday, as I read in Proverbs,
 about the seven things God hates...
which led me to this very helpful and insightful article.

Hope it helps you along the way...
enjoy your weekend friends!

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Rebecca Ann said...

Kimmie thank you for posting your heart today! My sister and I have been going through a book that goes through the book of Proverbs called A Woman's Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything. Its really been an eye opening and the abominations that the last article you posted speak about have been so convicting of my sin. Praise the Lord for Christ who is our wisdom!

Love in Christ,

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