Sep 25, 2011

Prayer Request Sunday

Would anyone like prayer this week?


Dan and Tara said...

We would absolutely appreciate prayers! We are waiting for embassy clearance to go pick up our two new boys! Please pray for a super fast turn around and no other delays!

Isabel said...

You're so sweet, Kimmie! Thanks for leaving those 2 comments on my blog!! I will contact the family to find out how much they need to finish the house.
Last I knew, it was still quite a bit. I'll let you know once I know, ok?
Bless you so much for your interest and your prayers!!!

Melanie said...

Hello Kimmie,
I would love prayer for our adoption to bring home our daughter. We still need to raise half of our travel and adoption fees. We are waiting for a new TA and expect to travel in November or December. Please pray that God will provide and give me the strength I need to work a second job. Also, I looked back at our timeline and it has take so long this time. We started in Feb 2010 and we are still waiting to bring her home :( Please pray for God to intervene and help us bring her home quickly.

Thank you,

Karen said...

I'm still dealing with some uncertainty with my health including fatigue that is worse then the normal "mother of 6" fatigue....prayers certainly appreciated...

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