Sep 26, 2011

Unusual Pleasures

Because Sometimes the Posts Need to Be About What Pleases Me

an evening on holiday
watching the carousel ponies go round.

Tonight Mama does one of her favorite things, which is playing with photo editing.  Time slips by, the crickets quietly sing through the study window as I gently nudge this and that around in this one photo.
Self taught, but how it makes me feel.  Glorious, after many heavy days of parenting.  

Oh, Picnik 
how thankful I am for you to snatch me away from the weight of motherhood for a few moments.  How thankful I am that my Knight upgraded me to the premium account (a sweet birthday/sanity gift).

Photo editing is a form of temporary escape.  You just might find a few more posts like this one.  I need it for the spot I currently find myself in.  No I haven't forgotten about prayer, or Bible reading or friendship...but somehow this seems to sooth my heart in the perfect prescription.

If I cross your mind (ever) would you pray for me...or I might just slip into photo editing as a full-time position and toss my hands up at this parenting thing.  

my heart is contented. 
a huge sigh came up with this black and white addition. 
i can push away and fall to me knees,
thanking God that indeed He is guiding my steps,
today and all-ways.

photo editing is easy, parenting not so much.


Karen said...

Maybe I should take up photo editing! :-)

MommaMindy said...

I agree that parenting is harder than editing. Praise God we can edit our parenting, though, with confession and forgiveness. Blessings to you today!

LeAnn said...

Hugs and prayers, too.
I'm so glad you have a knight who knows what helps you de-stress.
And thank you for your prayers for us to, we are making slow and steady progress (most days).

Kathy C. said...

never tried photo editing. i'm stupid at that kind of stuff.

Kimmie said...

Oh Kathy...picnik has a free should try it. Start with the best picture you can (hard to edit a bad picture)...and see what you can do.

Let me know how it goes...maybe it will be a new love for you too.


Adina said...

Do you think finding beauty in others is a God-given gift, or something that God gives those who strive to be like Him in general? Or both?

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