Sep 14, 2011

Sewing for the First Time

Our sassy Ethiopian Princess got invited to try her hand at Mama's sewing machine.  This machine is Mama's baby and NO ONE is allowed to touch her.  She runs like a dream and doesn't give Mama fits or make Mama cry, this is why children aren't allowed to touch her.


my girl is 14 and never has sewed...



her to come.

I walked her through how we were going to recover an old pillow I had acquired and how these two pieces of fabric, with their right sides facing each other would become a lovely new adornment to her hang-out couch downstairs.  We pinned them together and then with a marker I made dots for her to follow so she could hold a straight line.

She was NERVOUS.
(guess the fact that Mama loves this machine so much made her fearful.)

But Mama loves her more, so (sew) she sat her down and gave her lesson #1.
Honestly, I meant to do it sooner.  But my sewing time is scarce these days, but I am bound and determined to find time for some sewing time and such in our homeschool this year.

 She sewed beautifully.  I couldn't believe she would ever do so great on her first time out.  She currently is blind stitching up the opening.  Once she gets it done I will post it...

but for now, you will only see with what she started with...

Another benefit of homeschooling I guess.


Annie Chase said...

way to go sister!!

mom said...

I feel the "sewing time is scarce" factor, too, Kimmie! Good for you for making the time! It's a good reminder that I need to do the same thing and SOON!

Tammy ~@~

Anna said...

So fantastic!

Amie said...

That is so great :)

Your homeschool has an amazing benefit--your kids are so well-rounded!

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