Jan 11, 2013

5 Things I Miss About My Girl

Ode to my beautiful married daughter
 who is living on the other coast for now...

5 things i miss about my girl:

5.  Having her within reaching distance

4.  Being able to run my thoughts by her before I make a decision

3. Seeing her cozied up on the couch in my fur blankets

2.  Getting to see what outfit she chose for the day
(her style is so eclectic)

1. Enjoying her company-whether it is at the dinner table (which now sadly, her spot is empty), or in the car on the way to a gathering, or for a trip to the thrift store to see what we can find

Growing up happens so fast.  For the past several weeks since my babe has been gone, I find myself crying at odd times.  I find myself remembering back to when she was a wee lass and the many things we did together.  I keep wondering where the time went.  How she managed to grow up and become a woman before I was able to grasp it. 

Perhaps it is something that never really happens.

  I think when you have a mother's heart, your children are always your babies and it is hard to let them go.  Of course we need to, part of growing up that needs to come.  But it is hard. 

 And if you are a younger mama, my wisdom to you is to not forget that you are on limited time.  Enjoy your children, because they grow up so very fast.  The day comes when you give them a hug and they head out the door.  It is a day that makes your heart ache with a constant gnawing like I have never before known.  

Love your children.  Eat them up. 
 Let them know that you adore them. 

 Time goes quickly and before you know it, you will stand where I stand.  Love deeply, love richly, love freely and love like every moment matters, because you know what, it does!


Sarah said...

Thank you for the hugs of encouragement to love on our kids today. You continue to bless my day. As we have traveled around the world, stepped into the adventure of foster care, and taken God out of all boxes ... your little place in blog land continues to encourage and splash me with joy.

Be blessed bunches,

Kathy C. said...

I really, really can understand. Jessica is talking about full time navy once she graduates college in two years. So she would not only be leaving home, but possibly be on the other side of the world. I cannot imagine not having her to share my thots and feelings with. Husbands are good, but they don't understand the female mind and emotions like another female. She's also my shopping buddy, travel companion and on and on. Why do they go and grow up on us?

Rhonda said...

Love your thoughts, and sad with you for this separation... your words remind me that life often touches on these moments of loss..even when the circumstances are perfect and our children are where they need to be, it is a lonesome, achy time. My oldest only moved 50 miles away and into the dorms at school this week. I'm having a lot of the same feelings as you are....knowing how I will miss his presence in the "goings on" around here..closing the pages of that chapter around here where all were under the same roof...

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Kimmie! It's like a part of you has moved away and...it's missing. Especially after homeschooling for so long. You know her oh so much deeper and, well, my Angel moved out last October and I can still cry at the drop of a hat, but, we've done a good job. Our girls know they are loved deeply. They know how to treat their man and how to expect to be treated from him. They're looking forward with big wide smiles and confidence, and, with the grace of God, they'll shine. We're looking back with melancholy, hopefully just for a little while. We can't complain too much, we did do this to our Mamas. Take Care, I miss you!

Cathy said...

Oh man, that must be hard to have her so far away when you are so close. Yesterday, as my oldest, was giving me a long held-out hug, I marveled at the thought of actually have best-friend children that I am close with, with the center of our commonalities being a love for Christ. It seems like too much of a blessing. Cherishing every moment here. Prayers for you.

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