Jan 8, 2013

Relishing Some Thinking Time

Thinking on a few of these things...for this blessed New Year!

* wellness (we've had the flu)

* speaking with a mama who has dealt with a beloved child leaving the nest
(finding an ache in my heart that won't go away)

* ways I can stretch myself this year with more socialization (for me)
This is my best friend and sister-in-love Rachael ...time with her this year would be more than lovely.

*managing time to sew weekly with my girls

*wanting to do some embroidery projects-little lovelies for this castle

*find time to spend with my baby brother (see above man-who happened to marry my best friend Rachael)

*making time early each morning to be alone with my Father

*wanting to read more and keep a list of all the books I venture through this year

*looking to God on how to spice up this ole blog..
.feeling like it needs a revitalization to keep it of the boring side of blogs.

 How about you anything rumbling around in your head for some much needed change?


Rhonda said...

I love your deliberate, hopeful, wonderful plans and intentions. Hope you have great success in doing all you hope to do. I think just writing it down is exciting and gives that spark of anticipation.

I don't have a good handle on mine...I suppose it might be similar in that I'd like to spend more time with loved ones, in the word, good books, prayer, fasting as He leads. I hope to garden this year as I didn't have the motivation for it last year....which made me sorry.

It feels like a year full of hope, changes, possibilities, work, and sacrifice...but the exciting kind.

Karen said...

I've never found your blog boring...but updating your daughter's photo to one of her with her husband would be a good change. :-) I should check my blog and make sure that my kids ages and things are up to date.

On my organizational list is going through my "junk" email address (the one I use for online reference) and deleting those 2000 messages...and then start "unsubscribing" so it doesn't fill up again with so much junk!

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