Jan 6, 2013

Need Some Prayer?

How you doing? 
 How is your heart?

Could you use someone to stand with you in what is stirring in your heart today?

Leave me a note and I would be happy to join you in seeking an answer from our Father.

Happy New Year!


Glenda Danek said...

I really need prayer right now!! Sending one to God on your behalf as well!

Rhonda said...

I have an uncle....we can call him Uncle T. He is disabled from his weight and he has a rare form of cancer that somehow causes his legs to have open wounds and infection. I don't know if He has ever walked with the Lord, but he was definitely disappointed and hurt by the church earlier in life..he's in his 50's now. He has begun reaching out to me since my Dad passed away and I have been so touched by his calls. I've began to pray for him. He says he does not believe in our God...most of his reasons involve deep disappointments and bitterness and what he feels were unanswered prayers. But he reads my blog in which I often describe my relationship with God in lots of ways and in spite of that, he keeps reading. That encourages me so much. I would love to know that someone joined me today for a prayer for him.

Kimmie said...

Praying Rhonda...and asking God to draw him back to Him!

Glenda...what can we pray about?


Anonymous said...

Praying for you. Same old thing here...just slowly trying to get better.

Rhonda said...

Thank you dear friend...it brings tears to think that someone is praying too...thank you so much

Kimmie said...

Rhonda also asking God to use your words to penetrate his heart...may your posts break away the hardness and bring him to repentance. (Hug)

Glenda Danek said...

I hate to complain, and worse cant stand to feel self-centered. I am really going through a hard time! I need to look to the Lord and have clarity in the direction he would have me go. Long story short, husband had massive head injury last year and now is a completely different person. I usually cope well, but I am very ill with pneumonia right now. I need to find a job, but am overqualified for many that are available. Truthfully, I kinda feel stuck. See, a bunch of self-centered whining....but, my heart is really heavy. Thank you for the prayers.

Kimmie said...

Oh Glenda;

That is a big burden to carry all alone. I will help you lift it to the Lord this week. Praying for health, peace and direction for you from our Father. May His hand rest on you and may you know He is directing your path. Praying too for Him to put a hunger in you to spend lots of time with Him this New Year. May His Word come to life in ways it hasn't for you in the past. Renewal and refreshing from heaven for you sweet Glenda.

Casting our cares isn't whining, it is actually just obedience, as He tells us to come to him with our burdens. (1 peter 5:7
And cast all your cares on God, for He takes care of you

....cares, anxieties, worries...they all need to be brought to Him ;-)


Marisa said...

This week we will be setting up the visa interview appointment for my Thai boyfriend - who has a huge heart for God - to join me on my next trip back to the USA. Please pray that there is clarity in the crazy amount of required and optional documents we have to provide and for great favor at the US Consulate in Chiang Mai so he will get the visa as we believe this is the timing God has provided.


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