Dec 29, 2012

Oh Dear

The end of another year is fast upon us.  Another year to reflect back on and another year to set hope into.

Here are my top 5 from this year (2012):

5.  My Kindle Fire  (love it!~)
as a girl who loves books, old books in particular...well,
I never would have guessed that I'd use it 

4.  Reading through the Bible in a new version (to me)
I got one that was Kindle compatible...
finished 2 weeks earlier than planned... yahoo!
I highly recommend it if you want to connect to your Jewish roots
 and if you are looking for another translation to read through in 2013!

3.  A trip away with my Knight...4 days of heaven!
*we went to Denver, Colorado, something that had been on our bucket list.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

2.  Spending more time with my sewing machine.
Took a monthly quilt a block class with some friends, which forced me into making sure it was done before the next class.  Challenging, as I am not a quilter or a person who sews with precision- but loads of pretty quilt blocks. (I did 3 for each block assigned...just so I could "own it.")

1.  My Homemade Daughter's Wedding...
beautiful, simple and life changing.

My Bottom 5 from 2012:

5. The fact that I failed miserably at my attempt to study Hebrew.
  An engagement followed by a wedding within a few months, set me way off the study trail.
*(and she only tried this on...)

she said she would never wear,
 "blueberry netting" as a bride.

4.  Having a secondhand dog that still can't go off the leash. 
 Runaway should have been her name instead of Ruby.

ok...really not sure Ruby should have made the list, 

when really our adoption we had hoped would get rolling would. 

 It didn't and hasn't and really has left me in a place of doubt.  

Doubt is never a good place, mentally, physically and certainly spiritually.  
Being real.

3.  The sad fact that since July we've had computer trouble...many of my picture and blog photo files are still missing.  It really made me want to quit blogging.  Still not fixed and so many pictures gone.

2.  Didn't learn to sew a zipper into anything.  Bought the zipper foot attachment, that is as far as I went...poor sad zippers, think I hear them crying from the bag they are still in from JoAnn Fabric.

1.  Having our oldest married daughter moved across the country 
a few days before Christmas...having a hard time getting my heart to not feel heavy. 

 A mother's heart is something that I still don't really understand, 
after all these years and so many miles into motherhood.

Thank you for sharing this year with me and my family. 

 I hope God blesses you as you reflect back.  
May He give us fresh vision and rekindle our fires for 2013!


Rhonda said...

Oh dear me...... :) pretty deer

Valerie said...

I've been thinking about you. I remembered that your daughter was moving sometime around Christmas but I couldn't remember if it was before or after. I'm praying for you as you adjust to this new way of life. :( Not one of life's fun adjustments... but this is what we raise them for, right? They are supposed to grow up, fall in love, get married... It's just bittersweet as a Mama to watch some of it unfold. XO Hugs and prayers!!

Rhonda said...

When I posted a simple comment earlier, the words of the post were not showing somehow, but now that I've been back and see the words and your heart I must say that I appreciate your top and bottom 5. I think it a good thing to close out the year in a purposely thoughtful way. I haven't done that yet...feel scattered and unruly in my thoughts--- though ideas and remembrances keep fluttering by me when I can't write them down.

This morning I had an hour to read blogs before leaving for church....I popped into your blog and clicked a past post which took me to the last part of your adoption journey to Ethiopia for the second time. I was captivated by it all and so glad for the faith you had and the way the Lord came through. I was encouraged.

I'll continue to hold you up in prayer for your current adoption and pray He gently comforts your heart that is missing your sweet married daughter.

Hugs to you dear friend.

Karen said...

Been thinking of/praying for you this Christmas with your daughter so far away...

Loved your may inspire me to do a similar post (whether it gets out of my head and onto the computer is the question)!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kimmie, Blessings to you! It's been so long (too long) since I've popped in to visit. And your big girl is married! Congrats to you... I think my Mum felt very similarly about me getting married and moving far away. Hugs to you, and happiest of new years. :)
Saminda xx

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