Nov 11, 2013

Homeschool Happiness!


Encouragement is the bomb, really it is. 

 A few days back I got a little email telling me that I was nominated for a homeschool blog award.
(scroll way down to see all the neat categories for this years awards!)

  Bust my buttons.

  Someone out there took a few minutes to put my name in for one of the Homeschool Blog Award categories! Now, in the past I have been nominated (probably by this same someone),
 into the Encourager and Homeschool Mom categories.

 I was encouraged by the, "Hey, you were nominated!" email, and I was also curious to see what category this nomination fell into. Can you believe someone put me in for~

Favorite Homeschool Mom Blog 2013!

How humbling, as I really don't feel like such a great homeschool mom. Last year had been a hard year, not only as a homeschooling teacher/mother, but just as a mother in general. This was like someone slipping up beside me, putting an arm around me and saying...
"You are our favorite Homeschooling Mama! We consider you our friend!"

thanks, really- thanks!

If you feel so led, you can vote in any of the categories for any of the wonderful blogging brothers and sisters in Christ that take time out of their busy lives, to share them with us.  The voting will be done on November 18th- at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. You can vote once a day in any of the vote and vote again and again and again- until the clock strikes midnight on the 18th.

I always love voting let's you meet people you'd never normally meet and gives you some fresh ideas on what people are interested in these days.  (sometimes I lose touch in the little world I live in).  I love blogs and I love seeing what others are doing in their lives (whether it be homeschooling, homemaking, heart sharing...!) 

Again...thanks for the brightener to my heart.  
I feel blessed, truly blessed!


Anonymous said...

OH! That is wonderful!

Karen said...

Wow! Congratulations! It looks like I will be joining the ranks of homeschooling mamas next year...just my oldest. Our little private school only goes to 8th grade. He has requested that we homeschool rather than send him to the public high school. So that's the plan. He'll soon be grown up, it will be a pleasure to have a bit of extra time with him...

mom said...

And you deserve it! Yay, Kimmie! {{{Kimmie}}}

Tammy ~@~

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