Nov 18, 2013

Imagine How You Can Make a Difference...


Every 2.2 seconds another orphan ages out

 with no family to belong to




to call


think about that.

When you are done thinking...
do something...
everyone can do something.

Here are a few ideas...

(ask God what He would like you to do)

seek out an agency (adoption)
and ask how you can help.

find a family who is adopting and support them

choose to adopt...take the steps to make it happen

offer to help a family post adoption...a night out without children can be so refreshing to a family

do Foster Care

call your local Foster Care office and ask what you can do to get involved

sign up to do respite care (babysitting for foster care families)

collect unused suitcases that are in good condition to give to the local Foster Care branch 
(often children are taken from their homes with their clothing stuffed into plastic bags.)

pray and take action!

Faith without works is dead. 
 just saying.  

That statistic upsets me, makes me angry and makes me want to cry all at the same time.

What about you?

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Bird's Words said...

Our church has recently started doing bags for foster kids. We learned that many foster kids go to a new placement at the time of their birthdays, and there is no time for party planning. IN order to help foster families, our Sunday school classes and other bible studies put together bags with party decorations, plates, cups, etc, a gift card to a local place for a cake, and perhaps a gift card for a gift as well (wal-mart, target, etc). We've asked our local foster care workers to just call us when they know there is a child in placement with an upcoming birthday so we can get the bag to them. Such fun!

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