Jan 20, 2014

How Do You See Yourself?

  I stumbled across this today...but not accidentally.
 I was speaking with the Lord this afternoon and He said something I didn't quite understand.  This is what He spoke to my heart, 
"You are not what you think you are."

I wrote it down, it was part of my homework for a class I am taking at church.  We are reading a book called Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk. 

My Pastor asked us to write a letter to God and then let Him write one back to us.  It might seem weird, or hard, but he encouraged us to do it and that we would hear (as he says most people do that try it).  So I did.  The first thing I got from God was this sentence I just shared with you. It didn't make much sense, but I wrote down what came to my heart and figured I would reread everything that came later when I could study it in quiet again.

And then post me tucking my kids into bed, I "stumbled upon" this.  Actually, it was weird because after I watched this, I couldn't even remember how I had found it, but I did.  He wanted me to, because I could have been one of these women describing myself.  My picture would have been hard and heavy, but God says I have it all wrong, just like these women did.  

How about you.  Watch this and see what stirs in your spirit.  

adding a version with closed caption for my Deaf friends
but I have to add... this needs to be followed up by this....

Closed Caption option: (be blessed Linda!)
Please leave me a note...as I am more than curious about what you got from this.

Thanking God for my time with Him and for how He speaks
 (to you and to me!)

1 comment:

Heather said...

This is beautiful. Self image and who I am in Christ are areas that I have struggled with since a pretty young age. Now in raising a daugther I am brought to tears in watching these two clips. To know that I am beautiful and loved so very much so that I may instill this cofidence in my beautiful and amazing daughter is so important and life giving. Thank you for sharing your heart.

In love and grace,

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