Jan 14, 2014

It's Not About Happiness!

Something to chew on as you go into today.  Happiness is temporal and subject to so much.  Holiness is a decision and purposefully choosing to live in a way that is pleasing to God. How do you know what is pleasing to God?  Well, His Word (the Bible) is full of things that please Him...have you started a Bible reading plan for this year yet?

there are zillions more out there
...I'd be happy to assist you if you need some more help with it.

I have written this saying on my fridge 
(hey, if you use a dry erase marker
 and you happen to have a white fridge
...it's a great way to communicate with your children.
*test a small area on yours first!)


of what makes you





Anonymous said...


Karen said...

This year (along with some friends) we are focusing on just the New Testament for the year. For January we're reading Matthew and Mark. But I got a late start since we only decided this last year.

Right now God stopped me on Matthew 7:14...the narrow way is HARD...

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