Jun 26, 2014

When a Life is Broken

When a Life is Broken

Deep stuff to think about.  It could be talking about any of us, or perhaps all of us.  
So what is the point.  'When a life is broken', okay, it's kind of a cliff hanger.  Then what?
Does the story end in tragedy or is there a happy ending?

Well, it depends.  

It depends on "who" is writing your story.  If you're the pull yourself up by the boot straps kind, maybe you can muster a happy ending to your life story.Maybe, but probably not. If you have struggled and found yourself on a constant down winding path, then perhaps you can't see how it could end well.  Perhaps you've even lost hope in the fact of a turn around to your story.

Let me interject something that might be worth chewing on;
"Who is writing your story?"

 Did you know you have other options, you don't have to continue trying to write your own story.

"What are you talking about Kimmie?" you may very well be asking at this point.

Well, I am firmly stating that if you aren't happy with either your past story, present story or maybe even future story's outlook, then maybe you ought to ponder what I am going to say.

Life is short.  This is the only shot at life you are going to get.  It's a one time deal.  Does that make you begin to sweat considering the current situation of your life.  Well, if it does, even slightly, than may I offer something that will radically change your story.  

If you know me or read this old blog you will know that I am a "Jesus girl."  

Jesus is your answer.  He is the answer to everything and it is pretty easy.  
Let me walk you through it in a few simple steps.

1.  We aren't perfect (not even close)
The Bible tells us that all of us (ALL) are sinners.

2.  We can't get our story right in the end without an intervention by God.

3.  No matter how hard we try "ain't nothing gonna fix our troubles but Jesus."

How can we connect with Jesus so he can write our story  (or rewrite our story!!! imagine that!!)

1.  Tell him you realize you are a sinner.

2.  Ask him to forgive you of your sins (past screw ups).

3.  Invite him into your life. (Let him write your story...make him Lord over your life.)

Okay that sounds fairly easy...what else Kimmie?

(ask him to help you find a church that will help you grow in your faith!)

(again,  ask him to come and help you understand and apply it)

3.  Connect at church...don't just show up- make yourself available to be known.  
Slipping in and out isn't going to help you.  Opening yourself up and allowing others in certainly will.

4.  Pray.  
God is listening and wants to hear you, meet you, talk to you and for you to get to know his voice.

As you do these things, guess what...He begins to rewrite your story.  You move on to a new chapter with new adventures.  It won't always be easy, but HE will be with you. This is the life of faith, a walk of trust and love. Not love like you have ever known, but a powerful love that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus brings you into God's family and promises you a hope and a future!

  You can count on him and trust him.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  

Hope this helps you. 

 Praying for God to help you release your life story to Him. 
 It will be the best decision you will EVER make.  


Tammy said...

JESUS is the answer! Thank you for including the "what else?" section because the next steps will help solidify Jesus in your life.

Love you, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

Greta Jo said...


Kristen said...

Beautifully written. God desires to bless us, if only we will let Him!

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