Nov 24, 2014

Spiritual Authority

From a sound sleep I was awakened.  The voice I heard I knew.  It said with the utmost clarity,
 "She sleeps with her hands on her hips."

He had my attention.  But I wondered what it was that God was saying to me.  His words sank into my head and into my heart, they wouldn't let go.  I shared them with my Knight (isn't he cute!)  and he also wondered what it could mean.

As I pondered it and prayed on the words, it came to me.  Not suddenly, but in a matter of days.  God was telling me that I had spiritual authority.  So much authority that even in my sleep, I was a woman with authority from God.

 God has been putting me into a lot of new arenas. He has put many new people into my life, and in the suddenlies of God, they are looking to me for spiritual direction.  He is making both me and my Knight spiritual parents to people in their 20's, 30's and even 40's.  He also has me passionately chasing after Him each week in serving the homeless and poor.  He uses me to feed them, to clothe them and to guide them into a walk with Him.  I am stretched, but ready for more of Him and His plans for me.

Amazed?  I know I am.

But this girl, who apparently God says, "sleeps with her hands on her hips." and also "sits with her hands on her hips" and "stands with her hands on her hips"-(He began whispering it to me in various forms over several weeks).  This girl who was crying out for God, both day and night, has spiritual authority she needs to utilize!

He said it because I needed to hear it.  He spoke it because I needed to study it and get the revelation of what it is I had been given by Him.  If you are unaware you can't use it.  If you don't know you have it, you can't operate under it.  So I began to dig into it and this is what I know...

"We are given spiritual authority to fulfill the function of our calling and to accomplish the work that the Lord has assigned to us." 


My authority is for instruction, it is to help, it is to encourage, it is to offer wisdom to those who are searching for it, to give words of knowledge to those He has prepared for me to speak them to.  My authority comes from God, and as I submit my life to His rule and reign, He opens doors and positions me to operate in the fullness of the authority He has given me.

I am accountable to the Lord for my function and how I perform them.  I am to be building others up and desiring them to fulfill the purposes God has created them to fill.

 I believe with all my heart in discipleship and spiritual mentoring.  In reaching the lost and getting them growing in their faith.  I believe a plugged in Christian is a power-filled Christian.  That one who asks Jesus to be their Savior, needs to learn how to make Him Lord every day thereafter.

Spiritual authority is different from natural authority, it isn't about position, but submission to the One who works all things out for our good.

Still I have much to learn in this, but I am willing.  We are saying yes God and learning to live as He guides us.  And do you know what, it is way cool and way exciting.  A new chapter, full of new people, new adventures and things that God has hoped that I would put my hands on my hips and say, "YES" to.


Tammy said...

Make sure you're praying Ephesians 6:10-20 each day as you stand in His authority! Be STRONG in the Lord and in the strength of His MIGHT! To God be the glory!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

Amen girliee!

Rhonda said...

Absolutely wonderful! Hope to hear more about this in future posts. Love to you!

Bird's Words said...

Amen! Celebrating God's faithfulness to you (and all of us!) Kimmie. Much love to you and yours and a very blessed Thanksgiving! Love you, friend.

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