Nov 28, 2014

The Boy and the Grapes

I asked for grapes.  He climbed the vines and brought home enough to make 20 quarts of grape juice.
Any day now we will crack a jar open and have our first taste of wild fox grape grape juice.
He got a lot of exercise, I bought a ton of sugar, we dug out the canning jars from the barn and readied them for beautiful grapes.  

Will share our opening should be soon!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful in its simplicty and joy.

Stacy said...

Sweet, dear Kimmie~

Love you, my friend. It's been too long since I've commented. And as I type, I realize that I don't even know if I thanked you for the meaningful card you sent me after our miscarriage. Thank you, kind friend. I appreciate you.
Love to you and yours,

Rob said...

Your can't beat the taste of home produce no matter what it is because it's also got added to it the fruits of your labour.

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