Jun 24, 2015

Oh How I love Wooden Things

Show and Tell

Somewhere over time I have found it in my heart to fall in love with wooden things.  My knees grow weak when I spot a wooden spoon.  I love them even more if they have age and need a new home to call their own.  I try to imagine what their old life looked like, some had been hand carved and are really just bare bones in their construction.  I think those ones are my favorite, rustic beauty!

My family teases me in my silly wood fetish.  They wonder how many spoons one woman could need.  How many old rolling pins should one try to acquire?  Still they all reach into the drawer or jar (given to me by my oldest son as a gift) to get the one that feels just right in their hand.

On a recent trip my oldest son also came home with a stick that had the perfect shape to be coaxed into a handmade spoon.  He works on it as the spirit moves him, slowly it is revealing what was hidden for so long; it's need to be a ladle/spoon!  She isn't ready to be revealed quite yet, but her day will dawn here in a post soon enough.

The gift of trees bring me joy.  Just a small thing really, but I think simple pleasures are often the best.

Jun 20, 2015

Love-In-Action (Parenting Help)

In the midst of life's storms; my heart turns to the One who can carry me, to the One who can guide my steps, to the One who holds all the hidden things and is able to bring them to the Light. 

 I will call on the name of the Lord in my times of trouble.  I will not fear, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I know God is with me.  Not only is He with me, but He is 100% for me!

 And as a mother, I can put my confidence and trust in the fact that He also holds the life of my children lovingly in his mighty hands.  Where He has called me; He indeed will enable me. {He is our best counsel and help}

He alone is our help in times of trouble.  When it all seems to be closing in around you, or on top of you, remember:  

'Things aren't always what they appear.' 

 Turn your heart and eyes to God and let Him show you and teach you in your day of trouble.

I hope this ministers to your heart too!

Jun 9, 2015

The Power of Words





Words can hurt...


words can heal...


words can move mountains...


and words can drive us to our knees.




Recently words were said to me that sunk down deep and caused me pain.  It is true, words have the ability to speak life or death over our lives.  They brought me to tears, but also drove me to my knees (prayer).  
I took it to my Father and asked Him how He wanted me to take these words and use them.  

In the past it would have driven me into isolation, to avoid the pain and to put a safe distance between me and the hurler of unkind words.  Times before it drove me into deep sadness and years of battling rejection.  Wondering what was wrong with me.  The devil must have been doing quite the victory dance over the thoughts and reactions, that were caused by my difficulties with friendships.

This time a realization came to me The realization was this:  

If know one likes me (which is not truth, but used as an example), it is okay.  Because I like me,and from now until I take my last breath, I have to live with me. God is number one in my life, family is second and everything else falls in line after these two priorities. 

My mama taught me that we should be kind. 

  My Pastor has spoken for years that we should aim to be nice. 

  God says we should not give up gathering together, but should love one another 

I try to live this way, but boy sometimes it is really hard to love.



 Absolutely, even on the best day, but really it is how we should live every day.

So I am taking the words spoken to me and letting them be sifted through my Father's fingers.  I am asking Him to reveal truth to me and to help me learn and grow from this.

As much as I am tempted to curl up into a ball and isolate, I am going to push myself back out and open myself up (versus shutting down shop and putting up the closed sign on my heart!)

I am going to choose to love. 

 I am going to choose to continue being me, and letting my Father shape me into all that He has for me. I am a work in progress. My hope is to progress, not regress or get stuck.

Words come to us and words leave us.  Words stick and words are hard to erase.  Stop and think what you are saying and ask yourself if someone said this to you, would it encourage you or help you?  If not, let's hold back our thoughts and not take the risk of causing hurt to someone.

Yes, speak the truth in love.  But the whole key is LOVE!

Jun 1, 2015

Quilt LOVE!

A cool spring day, just the right timing
 to try out the new quilt I scooped up

She was tucked under a box of miscellaneous linens and I think I might have let out a squeal of joy when I first opened her up to the light.  She was waiting for me and I for her!
  The first thing I did was give God thanks for such a sweet blessing.  She is my favorite shade of grey, mixed with other charming fabrics of days gone by.  

I imagine the time that was put into making her, the hand that held her had an eye for beauty mixed with simplicity.  I think if we met we would have been good friends.

She's a beauty!  Heavy, old and all hand sewn.  
Today I will enjoy her with a cup of tea and a good book. 
Now to search up a good book!

May 26, 2015

How to find Joy

Does life seem flat? 
 Is there missing joy in your life?
  Do you wish you could have joy again?

Well I know a little secret.

 But before we get to that, did you know that the word rejoice means to find joy again?  It is kind of like going down deep into the soul and stirring up joy again. It isn't lost, it just may have gotten pushed out of the way when life took you on some twists and turns.

The secret  really isn't a secret; 
it is in your Bible...

 Now that was from the Life Application Bible
but your version might sound like this:

So quiet yourself for a moment,
(do it now or more life may spring up
 and keep you from that joy that is longing to come to you!)
and then 

"God is great!"

And if it doesn't come with the first shout, give it a go again.
Let JOY arise!

May 22, 2015

Three of my Loves

It is May and a level of Thanksgiving rises in my heart this time of the year, that is unparalleled to other non-holiday times of the year. 


 I wake every morning of May, thanking God for every little bit of this beautiful new spring day. 

Honestly, I don't know when my love for May rose up or for my love of lilacs.  I think my mum had her hand in the lilac love.

 I LOVE lilacs!

 As a child, we didn't have them growing in our large yard,
 but would go for drives in May and find abandoned old bushes.
We would pick armfuls to bring home and enjoy.
  My mum must have been on the lookout all year,
come lilac season we would take our adventuring hearts out of their 
cold-winter-New- England slumber
 and would head to her favorite 'lilac liberating' locations.
We would march through field turned forest to find the giant old bushes;
mama and her three littles (me being the oldest). 

Their heavenly smell would greet us as we stepped out into the crisp spring air.  We would park our Volkswagen bus by the forest edge and trek in to gather armfuls of fragrant lilac bunches.  My sweet mum was highly sensitive to the effects of poison ivy and many times would end up covered in it, but still each new May would bring our liberating of lilacs.  Fortunately my siblings and I could roll in poison ivy back then and see not a spot of it upon our wee little bodies.  Times sure do change!

So far I have shared my love of May, my love of lilacs and now I will share the last piece of today's three loves;

 my love for God. 

Here is a prayer I wrote down to my Father this morning in my journal.  He is who I speak to every morning, upon the slightest movement toward awakening.  God is the one who allows me to wake to another day, May or not.  He is the one who has wooed me to His heart and made a place for me in His family. He has given me a heart to love and to enjoy; 

 Oh, that I would live out of that love to bring Him joy!

Oh Lord, 


help me,


correct me, 


 teach me, 


show me, 


lead me, 




and use my life,


 that others may be drawn to You.


in Jesus' name I ask it.



May 12, 2015


Crazy for Lilacs!

I guess my kitty-boy Tobin loves lilacs as much as I do.
 Lucky for us, my children brought me a small bouquet to adorn the kitchen table.
  The fragrance is heavenly, guess Tobin can't get
 enough of their intoxicating smell either.

Lilacs, they are one of my favorite parts of May. 
 Oh, how I love thee May. 
 Let me count the ways!

And yes, the naughty kitty-boy is laying on the table.  Cats, kids, I find that they all have a mind of their own.  Normally I would scoot him down and remind him of his manners, but as I am smitten by lilacs; how could I possibly begrudge him this short lived indulgence?

Sweet Tobin is deep in lilac thought.  Me too. 
 Thinking how I can get a few more bouquets
 to fill the house with beautiful lilac fragrance!

Enjoy your May day!

May 11, 2015

Anxiety Help

Help for those with Anxiety

Hope this opens your eyes and gives you a new outlook
on whatever it is that is causing you to be anxious.

These are from notes I added into my phone
(The Holy Spirit talks to me at different times,
 so I have found it super helpful to use the notepad on my phone)
as I felt the Lord nudging me to learn from Him on this:

Anxiety = a constant fearful uneasiness

Anxiety will never change a past mistake,
 prevent future calamity or supply us with anything we don't already have. 

The primary cause of anxiety 
(or disquietude, which was the word the Lord had whispered to me):

Fear of man

Proverbs 29:25  

The fear of man brings a snare,

 but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.






 Well, how then can we refocus our hearts and minds?

 Let's jump into the Word of God...

Proverbs 15:13

A merry heat makes a cheerful countenance,

 but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.   


 Heart:  our inner seat of our mind, our will and our emotions.  The Bible uses our heart to speak of our innermost source.  Out thoughts spring therefore from our hearts.

We need to focus on the positive things of life, so we can be filled with optimism and confidence.  Focusing on the things that is causing our anxieties (negative thoughts) will only keep us ensnared.  Our anxiety and that negative thought pattern will only keep us stuck in uncertainty and pessimism.

Escape route...the way out!! (Hope!)

Psalm 34:4-6

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, He delivered me from all my fears (anxieties).  They
looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried out, and He saved him out of all his troubles.

David teaches us in this verse that we need to continue to cry out to God in our anxiousness and trust in Him.  God alone is our solution.  He can solve it for us, as we trust it fully to Him.

1 Peter 5: 6-7

Therefore humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

Philippians 4: 6-7

Be anxious (fear filled) for nothing (no thing), but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God; And the peace of God, which surpasses understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

So, our solution is taking all our fears, anxieties, and doubts to God.  He will come to our rescue, as we humble ourselves before Him and ask for help to trust Him in it.

Ask God to help you believe:

Isaiah 41:10

"Fear not, for I am with you, be not anxious, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you with my righteous right hand."

Praying you find freedom from anxiety today.  Please let me know if I can help you by joining in you with prayer about it.

May 8, 2015


Just another spring day at our house:

My baby asked what she could do, as she had run out of ideas for the day.   I told her she could clean the windows to the porch.  She immediately ran to go get the tools needed. 

I sat down, first time all day and looked up to see her going at it very focused.  I stopped trying to suck up the quiet moment and thanked her for doing the windows for me.

She answered, "Oh, it is okay Mama.  This is my second favorite thing to do."  She set about still very focused on finding every fingerprint.

I asked curiously what was her first?  

"It's riding my scooter, but this is the next thing I love doing in the spring."

Oh my.  TOO sweet.  

Hope your day had a touch of sweet joy too!

Apr 30, 2015

On Giving

Proverbs 19:17 (Easy to Read Version)

Giving help to the poor is like loaning money to the Lord
He will pay you back for your kindness.

I remind myself again and again that we can never out-give the Lord.  Here He is asking us; or reminding us, that all He is asking of us is kindness.  Kindness is just another name for mercy; which is another name for love. Kindness works like cash in the Kingdom.  We give it and it goes into our heavenly account. 

 As we do it, the Lord sees it and counts it as reaching out to help Him.  Remember what He said about that...


I have been asking God to help me be kind to those who have less; there are so many who are hurting all around us.  Each week He has given me the energy to rise early on Saturday, to reach out his heart to the poor.  He goes ahead of me, bringing them and then gives me the words and the strength to begin to love them. I am amazed at how often they are flipping it and being 'KIND' to me. 

How often do we not step out because we feel like we have nothing to give.  I think most of us equate giving with dollar and cents signs, instead of acts of love and kindness. Many times, I am giving more from my heart than from my purse, but the Word says that the Lord sees this kindness and sets aside a reward for us.  How often does the enemy come to us and tell us we aren't doing enough for God.  Right here we can claim it isn't how much we are "doing", but how much we are being who we were made to be.

Be Kind.

It's not that hard.  Let the love flow and God will move to do His part!  

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