Dec 27, 2015

Try Organizing This!

Try Organizing this; a family photo shoot with no blinking, cheery faces and just the right fit.
It is no easy task.

The baby's hair has gone wild in this picture. Some appear to be just a head.

Cooperation...well, this might be harder than we first thought.

Your guess is as good as mine.
 Crazy might be our middle name.
 Some of us more than others.

Too bright?  But pretty blue sky, right?

This is sweet, but one child has misbehaving bangs.

We went with this one for this year's Christmas greeting.  I picked this one, as how much longer will I be able to pick up our youngest babe?  
Another reason to keep going to the gym, right.

God has blessed me with such beautiful children.
 Thanks for letting me share them here with you today.

Happy last week of 2015!

Dec 17, 2015

When Christmas Seems Dark

A thought came to my heart as I was spending time with God.  I am learning to listen ever so carefully to what He is speaking to my heart.  I am asking Him to allow me to grow in this area, as it is a gift that I must confess that I buried for a good portion of my Christian walk.

May this bless your heart as you walk out today and the days that are coming, that draw us into celebrating the joy of our Savior, Jesus, being born in a dark and cold stable.  He came into the dark world to bring us Light and Hope.   May it fill you today my friend.

A song of David

The Lord is my shepherd.

I will always have everything I need.

He gives me green pastures to lie in. 

He leads me by calm pools of water.

He restores my strength.

He leads me on right paths to show me He is good.

Even if I walk through a valley as dark as the grave,

I will not be afraid of any danger, because You are with me.

Your rod and staff comfort me.

You prepared a meal for me in front of my enemies.

You welcomed me as an honored guest.

My cup is full and spilling over.

Your goodness and mercy will be with me all of my life,

and I will live in the Lord's house a long, long time.


Psalm 23 
Easy-to-Read Version. 

The only thing I would add is that a long, long time isn't the true translation...
slip in the word 'forever' and now we are talking truth.

I am praying for you.  ((hug))


Dec 11, 2015

Bittersweet's Embrace

For those of you who are struggling.  

My heart is praying for you now.  Please stop and talk to God about it.  He loves you and cares for you.  He hasn't left you and never will. I pray you find comfort in his arms and that the lies of the enemy will be silenced.

Asking Him for love to flood your spirit and heart and peace to rule your mind.

Dec 3, 2015

Shopping at D & D Market

Nothing says Christmas (or any holiday) in our house, 
unless it has some purchases from this little Italian market on Franklin Avenue in Hartford.

This shop has such a warm and friendly atmosphere. You always feel welcomed and treated like visiting family.  My husband is the third generation to carry on the holiday traditions in venturing to this store for our antipasto.  Our children now get to come, one at a time, on the adventure- fourth generation!  For those who are serious in the kitchen in our home, this is a real treat.  So many good things to choose from and really we bring so many wonderful goodies of all kinds home with us. Our cart doth overflow!

Old world charm and Italian love all rolled up into one sweet little market! 

We love you D & D, don't ever change!

Buon Natale

Nov 29, 2015

Beautiful Crocheted Gift

My daughter used her amazing craftiness to crochet this amazing bag for my birthday.  I love all the colors and the pattern. I am in love with the moss green now and mixed with all the other colors, well it is just delicious. 

 I am always amazed when they surpass the one who taught them in their skills, yup well beyond my skill level.  However, I am glad to be the recipient of such a beautiful hand crocheted bag.  

And if you're interested, she has a crochet business!
 Bella would gladly chat about what it is that you'd like to have her make you or someone you love.

You can check her out at:

Hope you had a great weekend and are now enjoying your Christmas preparations.  Today I got the opportunity to meet up with my brother and sister-in-love (who happens to be my best friend) and did a woodland Christmas photo shoot with my new camera.  Fun, fun and a bit nippy to the toes!

Enjoy your week!

Nov 21, 2015

A Walk Through a Cemetery

  There is a place I love to escape to on occasion, the place happens to be a cemetery in Spencer, Massachusetts. My Knight brought me there on a date, yes, really.  And I fell in love with the stones of remembrance that were so lovingly carved and left as a token of a life gone by.  Our first venture here was over 2 years ago, but because we both had grown to love Spencer, it was a destination of choice for the big surprise day.

This year I came once again on a special day, it happened to be my birthday.  My Knight whisked me away for the day and headed us for an adventure in Spencer. This year with a new camera in tow, a gift that took my breath away and put a new bounce into my step, I once again revisited this beautiful site.  The gift was a huge splurge, and will take a bit to figure out, but it would be embraced and enjoyed immensely by this photo-taking-Mama.

Now enjoy my brief walk through the was brief because the wind chill made it feel like 20 degrees out and my ears couldn't take more than a few minutes of this serene place of my heart. 

Oh how I love this place!

And just so you know, I asked if we could stop here on our way to lunch.  My Knight glanced at me sideways as he turned the car into the old cemetery, he might have been smirking.  He understood my itching trigger finger and waited as I walked amongst the stones, that were calling to me to be captured.

Nov 13, 2015

Perspective... Where Are You At?

What is your perspective of this picture?   

So often where we are standing gives us the perspective that we arrive at. 

This wasn't challenging enough for you...

well how about you take a moment to read this...

Nov 10, 2015

A Girl's Love

~My Sweet Caravan~
Call me crazy, I miss her already.  It has only been a short time since we were together, but I miss spending time with her.  She has been winterized and pushed to a corner that is not needed for the winter. She looks cold and lonely in her new spot. My heart longs for her and her sweet vintage vibe.

As soon as spring shows any sign of arriving, I will begin to give my husband the eyes. This means, can we please pop-her-up and can we go for a sleep over?  I love sleeping outside.  I love cozying up inside her welcoming arms and reading whatever is the book of the moment.  

She is plumped up with quilts and overstuffed pillows.  Everyone loves sleeping in her or sneaking in a few precious moments to read away a warm day in her company. Some days you can find a cat or two enjoying her beauty.  And most nights you can also find a dog, who thinks we bought it for her, whining at her welcoming mat to be let in for 40 winks. But really she belongs to the Mama, who looked long and hard to find the one she saw in her dreams.  You need an invitation to come through her small threshold, as Mama is particular about sharing her.

Most of my friends don't understand.  They don't love the outdoors or the wind whispering through netted windows.  They don't love the idea of birds waking them up as the sun rises either.  But that is okay, because I am in love with her.  She brings me joy that I can't even begin to capture in black and white words on a page. She is my gypsy caravan and we were made for each other.

Yup, she is a charmer.  I wish it was spring once again. 
I wonder if she misses me too?  

What has your heart?  What brings you simple joy? How will you make it through the coming long winter? 

Nov 5, 2015

Growing in Your Spiritual Gifting

Growing in Your Spiritual Gifting

If you are a follower of Christ, you probably already know that God has given you gifts that are to be used for encouraging others, for building up his Church and for growing you in your faith.

 1 Corinthians 12:7
 Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.

  There are many ways to discover your gifting (s) but I think the most common is probably just putting your hand to a variety of things to find out what you are good at and what perhaps stirs your passion.  It is bit of a hunt and peck method, but as you cross off those that don't fit, you move closer to what does!  Of course asking those who know you well also might gain you a help into better grasping where your gifts may lie.

I have been seeking God on the prophetic.  God desires that we all desire the gift of Prophecy.

1 Corinthians 14:1
Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, and above all that you may prophesy.

Prophecy is the ability to speak forth the mind and counsel of God.  Since I was a very young girl I have been what the Bible terms as a Seer.  A Seer has a God given ability to see supernaturally.  My earliest remembrance of the gift was at about the age of three, I began to see angels and things that others around me couldn't see.  The gift continued through the years, but because of fear I buried it.  Recently however, I have been asking God to help me to grow in this area with His help.  Thankfully no matter how old we are, there is hope, because the Word of God tells us that the gifts of God are permanent (irrevocable), I like how The Message Bible says it:

God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded.

Spiritual Gifts are not the Fruit of the Spirit.  Spiritual Gifts are given by God to show His Presence and Power and to meet current needs in the Body of Christ (His Church). God assigns each of His children their giftings.  He does it to reveal to us His Love and to demonstrate His Glory. Gifts are a grace, they are given and we are to receive them and move in them.  The gifts we receive help us to fulfill the role we have in the Church.  If we aren't moving in our gift(s) then the Church is being shorted.  

  I was asking God for help to overcome the fear and begin to move in understanding how to apply the visions and dreams He gives me. In the past I have used it as I have felt led by Him, but honestly because of fear (sometimes in the form of intimidation),  I don't think I truly used it as I should have. Recently I prayed and I saw a vision of Jesus.  He was bent down like when a child begins to learn to walk and the parent steps a few feet back to encourage the child to begin to try out their newly discovered skill.  Jesus was the parent bent down and I was the child who was being beckoned to come.  His face had a big smile and He was showing me that it was safe to begin to step out in this gift He has given me.  I felt loved and had a great peace about what He was saying to me.

I share the vision so that you will be encouraged to know that God does hear our prayers, that the spiritual world around us is very real and to let you know that you too can stir up your gifts and set about to grow in them too!

God is patient and kind and He is waiting for us. 

 Do you know what your gifts are?

  Have you been using them, would you like to use them more?  I'd love to hear from you!

Oct 31, 2015

A Fall Large Family Photoshoot

With the help of our oldest, we spent an afternoon doing a family photoshoot! 
(Thanks Bella!)

Loads of new pictures to share.  Fun, fun.
And in case you aren't part of a large family, a photoshoot of this size is troublesome in many ways.  So much blinking, different skin colors that we need to be sure don't become mere shadows and of course the what should we wear so we don't appear to be sheer chaos.  

The reason we are all gathering for pictures is soon it will be time for Christmas cards!  Our oldest Ethiopian isn't fond of November shoots, as her tiny body has a hard time smiling when it is shaking to keep alive in the brisk New England weather.  This is the earliest we have managed to capture photos for Christmas, and though we fought the wind- it was smooth sailing for the most part.

All in all we got some nice photographs to remember another year of our very blessed lives.
Cameras are a gift and so is a daughter (and a son-in-love) who give to the cause of family.

 Our biggest baby and our awesome son-in-love, JoJo.

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