Feb 18, 2015

Love Until it Hurts

Once upon a time there was a girl, her name was Kimmie.  She loved Jesus.  She asked God for more of His Holy Spirit.  Everyday she asked for a fresh filling from God.

On February 14th, 2015, He spoke to her while she was serving the homeless and the poor.  It was a day she was overcome by the love she felt for these lives, that she got to rub against once a week.

  She prayed with several of them and felt God moving in her heart.  She cried as she prayed.  The homeless comforted her.  They gave her words of encouragement.  They told her she was making a difference.  They filled her heart.  

She wanted to quit.  She was discouraged. (which means afraid). 

 God says, "Don't be afraid."  

He sent Santiago, Daniel, Michael, Antonio and even Dotty to encourage her this day.  

She passed out 100 valentines.  She said, "Happy Valentine's Day" over 100 times this morning.  Never realizing it was the actual day. Someone else had made them, but was too shy to pass them out.  Somehow God has moved me out of shy, into a whole new world.  The world is so different than what she had ever known before. Somehow in all the stretching God had been doing in her life, she lost track of time.

She had been praying because her heart was so tender.  She wondered if she was too gullible or naive to continue serving Him in this place. She brought it to God in prayer, asking if she should 
 change and harden up a bit.

But He said, "Don't change.  I love your tender heart.  It is so in tune with my Holy Spirit."

He then spoke this to me...
"Love until it hurts, then you have it right." 

And that is what I do.  I jump in with all of my heart.  I feel the pain, not because of brokenness, or rejection, but because I choose to say yes to Loving whoever He puts in my path,
 until it HURTS.

I must have it right, as boy does it hurt! 
I think God is smiling.

Feb 4, 2015

Self Image


As a woman I have fought a battle with self-image.  
Many times it seemed as if I was losing in the battle and doing major injury to my soul in the process. I don't think it is uncommon for American women to find a battle in this area of self-image.  Now that I am an older woman, I am seeing a much different me in the reflection of the glass. 

Today, a young BEAUTY-FILLED (BEAUTIFUL!) mom sent me a text.  She has had her own battle. A battle that left deep scars in her story, but one that Jesus has brought her healing in.  We were discussing something in our small church group last night, just she and me off in a corner.  I was warning her about comparing ourselves with other women.  I told her just the day before that I had to push myself away from a situation, I could feel it stirring up the 'devil of comparison.'  It wasn't good for me, so I unplugged from it. I was being plunged into the depths of self-image.  The Spirit within me warned me that I was moving into an area of danger.

My young friend said this to me in her text:

"Hi Kimmie.  I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful. 
 I meant to tell you that yesterday when we were discussing ....  Love you."

To which I responded.

"Ahhh thanks.  Love you too!"

As I thought more about self-image my battle and her personal battle,
 I felt the Holy Spirit  lead me to share:

"My self-image is changing.  Instead of seeing me and all my imperfections, I am beginning to see His transformation of me 'into His image.'  It doesn't happen from the outside,
 so the mirror doesn't always capture it (or contain it!) ...
but it IS SHINING from the inside out.
Instead of self-image my heart says, "Show me Jesus in me!!!"

Her sweet response:

"Amen!! That is awesome. 
 That is my heart's and eye's desire for sure!!"

Oh Lord, change our hearts and eyes to see us as You do. 
 Let the world look at us and see You too!

Feb 3, 2015

A Great Understanding of The Gift of Tongures

The Gift of Tongues

Are you willing to spend 12 minutes on hearing a teaching
on the Gift of Tongues?  Would you humble yourself and ask God
to open your heart to understanding?

 John Bevere's teaching on the Gift of Tongues is the best and clearest I have ever found.  I hope it changes your walk with God.  That is why I have this blog, to offer what I know, in hopes that it will impact your life for the glory of God. God is so big and there is sometimes things He has for us, that honestly, we just don't understand.

I love you and so want you to be blessed and have all the beautiful gifts that God desires for you to have.

If you would like the Closed Caption option...
click on the bottom of the video where the cc symbol is offered.

So what did you think?

Feb 2, 2015

Do You Have A Bible?

Do you have a Bible?  What is it doing right now?  When was the last time you read it?  

I love the Word of God (the Bible) and challenge you to read it!  If you've never taken it off the shelf, well it is due time to dust it off and crack it open.  

If you are new to Bible reading, I suggest you begin in the Gospels.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are called the Gospels.  Gospel means Good News.  (Aren't you sick of bad news.  There is always plenty of bad news, honestly it abounds in and around us now).  The Good News is about Jesus.  These books in particular are about Jesus' life, the miracles He did, His death (on a cross for payment for our sins) and His resurrection!!  If you've read them before, read them again...the Word of God is active and alive and continues to speak to us.

This past month God has allowed me to lead 9 people into relationship with Him.  Most of those 9 told me they owned a Bible.  Some told me they carried it with them each day.  All told me that didn't know how to read it.  All of them didn't know that there was only one way into a relationship with God and that was through Jesus.  But they all repented of their sins, asked Jesus to their Savior and Lord and now are setting about to reading their Bible everyday. God is so good! I love this new door God has opened to me in serving the homeless, the poor and drug addicts each Saturday. We are seeing lives dramatically changed and transformed by the gospel!

The Bible isn't just a book.  It is a love letter given to us by God.  He used various men to write it, but it was inspired by Him!  As a Christian, it is our instruction manual in how to live as a follower of Christ.
  If we aren't in it, then how can we follow Him?

Hope this has stirred something in you.  The Word of God is a powerful thing.  Get it in you and not only is it life changing, but power filling for your daily walk with Him.

I would love to hear what in the Bible you are reading now.  Also if you need some help, just drop me a comment or a private email (see the sidebar) and I would LOVE to help you.

Dec 18, 2014

Be the Light!

Today as I was praying for a homeless man I have become friends with,
 this phrase 
"Plug in and be the light" crossed my heart.

I ran home and kinda like how it speaks of how
 we as Christians are to live before this world.

 Hoping to be light.  For real!

Nov 28, 2014

The Boy and the Grapes

I asked for grapes.  He climbed the vines and brought home enough to make 20 quarts of grape juice.
Any day now we will crack a jar open and have our first taste of wild fox grape grape juice.
He got a lot of exercise, I bought a ton of sugar, we dug out the canning jars from the barn and readied them for beautiful grapes.  

Will share our opening event...it should be soon!!

Nov 24, 2014

Spiritual Authority

From a sound sleep I was awakened.  The voice I heard I knew.  It said with the utmost clarity,
 "She sleeps with her hands on her hips."

He had my attention.  But I wondered what it was that God was saying to me.  His words sank into my head and into my heart, they wouldn't let go.  I shared them with my Knight (isn't he cute!)  and he also wondered what it could mean.

As I pondered it and prayed on the words, it came to me.  Not suddenly, but in a matter of days.  God was telling me that I had spiritual authority.  So much authority that even in my sleep, I was a woman with authority from God.

 God has been putting me into a lot of new arenas. He has put many new people into my life, and in the suddenlies of God, they are looking to me for spiritual direction.  He is making both me and my Knight spiritual parents to people in their 20's, 30's and even 40's.  He also has me passionately chasing after Him each week in serving the homeless and poor.  He uses me to feed them, to clothe them and to guide them into a walk with Him.  I am stretched, but ready for more of Him and His plans for me.

Amazed?  I know I am.

But this girl, who apparently God says, "sleeps with her hands on her hips." and also "sits with her hands on her hips" and "stands with her hands on her hips"-(He began whispering it to me in various forms over several weeks).  This girl who was crying out for God, both day and night, has spiritual authority she needs to utilize!

He said it because I needed to hear it.  He spoke it because I needed to study it and get the revelation of what it is I had been given by Him.  If you are unaware you can't use it.  If you don't know you have it, you can't operate under it.  So I began to dig into it and this is what I know...

"We are given spiritual authority to fulfill the function of our calling and to accomplish the work that the Lord has assigned to us." 


My authority is for instruction, it is to help, it is to encourage, it is to offer wisdom to those who are searching for it, to give words of knowledge to those He has prepared for me to speak them to.  My authority comes from God, and as I submit my life to His rule and reign, He opens doors and positions me to operate in the fullness of the authority He has given me.

I am accountable to the Lord for my function and how I perform them.  I am to be building others up and desiring them to fulfill the purposes God has created them to fill.

 I believe with all my heart in discipleship and spiritual mentoring.  In reaching the lost and getting them growing in their faith.  I believe a plugged in Christian is a power-filled Christian.  That one who asks Jesus to be their Savior, needs to learn how to make Him Lord every day thereafter.

Spiritual authority is different from natural authority, it isn't about position, but submission to the One who works all things out for our good.

Still I have much to learn in this, but I am willing.  We are saying yes God and learning to live as He guides us.  And do you know what, it is way cool and way exciting.  A new chapter, full of new people, new adventures and things that God has hoped that I would put my hands on my hips and say, "YES" to.

Nov 2, 2014

The First Day of...

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life...

...the words ran through my head, as I thought of what has been going on around me lately.  

Today a close friend of mine closed a door in his life and opened a new one.  Well, that is not really the whole story, it is a God story, so with it are so many more details about his new direction in life.  

Today my friend, Justin, became a Youth Pastor at my church.  He walked away from a job he was good at, a job he went to school and had to trained long and hard for.  A job that was difficult to say good-bye to, but you see he realized that God had something else in mind for him.  Today was the first day of the rest of his life, in doing what he was made to do: being a Youth Pastor.

My friend is embarking in something he really knows very little about personally.  Sure he has been to church for most of his life, but really he has had no training in being a Pastor.  No schooling, as of yet, in shepherding people.  But he knows that God has called him.  He understands that his life is not his own, but that it was bought at a very high price by Jesus.  And because of this, 
today is the first day of the rest of his life.

He is going to trust God and follow His lead into this new day!

True for me and you too.  Each day God gives us is a new opportunity to use it for Him.  It may not mean a job change, or it might.  It may not mean we get stretched as much as Justin, but it might and it probably will be way out of our comfort zone. 

 The comfort zone is over rated. Sure it is safe, or so it seems, but really it is a dangerous place for us.  We easily become self focused.  We easily become complacent and often lose sight of what it is we are supposed to be doing with our lives here on earth. Our souls grow fat, but our Spirit grows weak and small in comparison.

Each of us was made for a purpose.  Each of us needs to grab hold of God and ask Him to show us (this day) what it is that He is asking of us today.  We need to have willing hearts and eager spirits to follow hard after Him, even if it means we are not 'COMFORTABLE' in it.  Growing in our faith, just like physical growth from a child to an adult, causes stretching and sometimes pain. 

 Are we willing to be stretched?  Are we too comfortable?

I will be sharing what stretching God has been doing in my own life lately.  I'd love to hear how you too are being stretched and what you are learning in it.

As I look out my window it is dark here, this day has nearly ended.  Tomorrow is coming.

"Come let us get ready.  Because today will be the first day of the rest of our lives.  Let's give God our hearts, our wills and our time.  Let's let Him take us out of our comfort zone and into whatever it is that He has prepared for us."

Don't be scared, God is already there waiting for us. 
 Remember, wherever He calls us to, He enables us in it!

Oct 16, 2014

Fragments, Pieces and Parts

Does it ever seem like you are needing super-human strength
 to make it through your 'just normal' day?

Life for me is full.  Full meaning busy, full meaning I sometimes don't sit down until I really am ready to collapse.  I often just get so busy that I forget to eat, then suddenly I realize it is dinner time. I never do it intentionally, it just seems that one minute runs into the next and before I know it my Knight is due home and the last leg of the day has come once again.

We had a special guest speaker at church this week.  A week set aside as a "renewal" week (a time of refueling and refreshing) at my church.  As I sat worshiping God, I realized how fragmented my worship must seem to him.  How many times during my singing and worshiping Him, does my mind wander back to the ordinary of my life.  One minute I am raising my hands and singing out my love for Him, the very next I am thinking if I took the meat out of the freezer for tomorrow's dinner.  

I jotted this down in my notes as the sermon was being preached:

'I am offering God the bits of my day, the pockets that spill into an open moment that becomes worship to God.  Sometimes I can't stay within the worship. (I become unfocused and wander from worship back into worry, planning or plain distraction).  Forgive me Lord, you deserve it all, not fragments or broken bits.  Help me to stay centered, focused, intentional.  Help me to give you a whole life of worship."

I catch myself and try to stay centered on just Him.  But again and again I find that my flesh rises up against my spirit, trying to draw me away, back into the world of  'to-do', that never-ever-ends.  

I found my eyes full of tears, big heavy tears, in wanting God to know that it bothered me.  Not a little, but  A LOT!  I found myself at service's end standing in a prayer line with maybe 75 others who felt like me, that they somehow were only giving God a small portion of what they really wanted to give Him.  

As the preacher from South Africa closed up his sermon, he caught my eyes that were welling with tears.  He came down off the altar and put his hands on my head.  He asked the Lord to give me more glory.  To fill me back up and to continue to show His glory through my life.

His prayer wasn't long, but as I chewed on it today I realize that God is using my life and all the ordinary moments to bring glory to Himself.  I don't see it.  Maybe random glimpses, but He does.  Those around me do too.  But sometimes this Mama is just to full to stop and look at what it is that I am daily doing for His glory.  

 He doesn't see my day as meager offerings, or fragmented worship,
 He sees it as a love offering given fully to Him.

He doesn't see my busy as self absorbed, but as a woman who has a servant's heart and serves others in the choice of how she lives and how she serves her family. He doesn't see anything about my day as fragmented or broken.  He sees it as whole and a beautiful fragrant offering.

He has heard my continually cry for more of Him and less of me.  He has seen me begin my day in his Word, often in tears. He has heard me pray for those He puts on my heart and into my life.  He knows that the time is in continual sacrifice to Him, though I don't always understand it as that.

Thank you Lord for your reminding me that the work you have called me to is important, that child raising (in training them to love Him and serve Him) is huge in Kingdom business.  That I am not only influencing those in my home, under my hand, but those who stand around us through the week that are watching God be glorified.  As they look on, they see Him glorified,
 clearer that I see where I am standing.

(that is what He is telling me).

Busy is, as busy does.  
True, true.  

So don't mind my sigh.  But I am full.
 I am being emptied rather deeply each day,
 but He is filling me up to pour me out like a drink offering,
 before His throne and for His glory!

Sep 9, 2014

Homeschool (and Parenting) Wisdom

Slow down.

Do less.

Breathe deeply.

Choose to be present.
(which means not half present, 
not multitasking,
 not keeping an eye on your Pinterest
 or email
 or texts.
And certainly it means that phone 
shouldn't be an extension of your arm!)

Make a list of things that you would like to do together.
(then do them...
one at a time
 in a slow chew your food,
 so you can savor it,
 kind of way!)

Hug your kids.

Kiss your kids.

Make food together.

Go on a picnic 
(you can even do it in your living room floor
 when the weather just isn't quite outside picnic worthy!)

Do messy and not so messy crafts.

Go to the library...
you will never regret time spent together gathering books.

Read together.  
(sprawl out together in one room. 
 Tea and snacks make it perfect!)

Enjoy the outdoors.

Go for a walk.

Go for a hike.

Go in search of something new.

Get in the car and take an old fashioned ride...
like we did in childhood before gas prices were so outrageous. 

 Choose to live extravagantly just for a day.

Reach out and be kind to someone who needs it.

Find an elderly person to befriend. 
 It will mean the world to everyone involved.

Don't become overwhelmed and lose focus that your time is short
 and slowing down actually reduces stress.

Say no to activities.  
Weed down to the ones that are necessary.
Be brave and say no to them for a season. 
 (trust me you will live!)

Thank God for what He has given you.  

Pray together.

Teach them to love God.  To love family.  To love others.  

Read your Bible...it is full of wisdom.
Teach your kids to read theirs each day
 and tell them it is God's love letter to them 
and to you!

Childhood is fleeting.  
You blink and your kids are grown-up.  
Make a decision to live in a new slow downed pace...
and in it I promise you that will find joy unspeakable!

If you are a new homeschooling parent I welcome you to your new year!  
Don't be afraid!
Enjoy it. 

 I encourage you to stop and ask God to speak to your heart.
  Ask Him to help you keep it simple and learn to love the spot He has you in.
*If you are a parent minus the homeschooling.  Ditto!

Remember...children grow so fast. 
 Be intentional in how you live out their childhood
 and your days as their loving parent.

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