Feb 22, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

I'd love to pray for you this week...leave me a comment and I will stand with you believing God, to answer your heart's request.

I am very excited about yesterdays post. Honestly, whenever I post things that God tells me, I struggle a little...suddenly, I am attacked with doubt and fear.
The fear doesn't come from whether I heard from God or not, but from fear of rejection (and perhaps fear of people.) Okay, it's out there now. It's the same reason I haven't put up the linky thing in the sidebar to show 'friends', who link here. It is something I struggle with, feeling accepted. Right after I hit the button to submit such a post, the devil gets busy trying to get me to delete it, making me feel totally vulnerable.
Yesterday, the same thing happened.
This morning, as I sat worshipping God in the quiet of the nursing mother's room at my church...all alone, just me, Avianna and God...with my Pastor being 'piped' in, God truly showed up.
He began confirming my post and the words He had given me. Telling me to not be overwhelmed with the 'how to.' He began to show me details of how I was to go about it, He even was gracious enough to show me how to begin the ball 'doll rolling'...He began giving me 12 names of who the 'orphan doll' will go to...woman with their families, who will commit a week to pray over this mission...willing to lay hands on this doll and pray for God's Spirit to move in Power, on behalf of orphans, before they send it on to the next woman in line. The last of the 'twelve,' picks the first person to send it to, who then will pick the next....and then she will travel from place to place-as the Spirit moves, until her little journal is filled with what God has been doing and speaking. She returns to me when her journal is full, perhaps to go out with a fresh journal, seeking to find those who will be stirred and stand in the gap in prayer and in deed (adoption).
These women will be the forerunners of the church Body; crying out to wake up His people. You see, His people aren't aware of the desperate worldwide need of the orphans. We will pass this doll from these 12 homes...prayer and perhaps fasting will join the arrival of this 'orphan.' God's hand will move and we will see His Power.
I have faith that God will do as He has said, I can't wait to see what He does!!
How do I know, well God told me. He built me up this morning in that tiny room, tears flowed from my eyes, as I was feeling unsure and beaten my my enemy, who made me fearful of stepping out with this. But my Father spoke to my heart to, 'Fear NOT.'
I have faith...will some of you commit to praying for me, as I try to gather the materials to sew this doll...I have seen her in my mind...but now need to put her together, so she can get out and do the work that God has for her ;-) If you will seriously pray for this, would you leave me a comment. I really am believing God to do amazing things with this little cloth doll, that will represents the orphans of the world.
It's not about me, it's about the orphans and God -He wants to glorify Himself by showing His Power.
I am so excited.


Stephanie said...

I think it's wonderful! And I think you are wonderful for stepping out despite the unknown and satan's attacking. I will definitely be praying for you!

And I would love it if you would pray for our paperwork this week. First thing in the morning, I will be sending our completed dossier to Washington. Please pray that it is in order and goes through the steps there without a hitch. Thanks so much!

Anna said...

Kimmie, your vision is extending itself to the next generation also. My 15-year old son is so enchanted by the pictures you've been posting that he's told me that he'll be adopting from Ethiopia when it's time. (He also said he was going to show up at your door and say, "Ma'am, I read your blog and I'm here to love on your baby."

Please pray for salvation for Lisa, Havis, Cathy, and Robb also.

Renata said...

Kimmie, I would love to pray for you & this doll ministry. You are already an ambassador for adoption through your blog. It is wonderful that you are stepping out in obedience to this new way of sharing the importance of adoption.

I do have an adoption question - how do you afford it? I know God will provide, but how do you know when he's definitely called you? Sometimes I'm sure my faith is so weak.

Expat Mom said...

I think it`s great, but I totally understand your fear of rejection. I`ve been facing the same thing with the milk program that I want to start. It`s taken me a long time to actually be able to approach anyone with the idea to help me find a family. But when I did (a really wonderful man, Dick Rutgers, here in Guatemala), things started to fall into place. It`s terrifying, but necessary. :)

I would appreciate prayer to find just the right family with a little one who would benefit most from a steady supply of formula.

Joyful Mom said...

Absolutely! Count me in to pray for you and your new ministry! I fast a pray every Monday--I will add you to my list :) I think God has given you an amazing idea---I'm so excited to see how it unfolds.
Thank you for your encouraging note on my blog. I appreciate it so much.

Amrita said...

Please pray for my BIL Prem, heis without a job.

We got a hefty church electricity bill after several months. Don 't have the money to pay it.

Emily said...

I think it's all wonderful. satan has been attacking my faith lately and I have been leaning on Jim more than normal. Know what it's done? Made US stronger as a unit. That's not at all what satan would want, but that's what he's going to get.

You having doubts? Led for you to go even deeper into Him. LOOK what it led you to! wow. cool.

Beth said...

I am a day late, but I just wanted to tell you that I will commit to pray for you. You have a wonderful heart. Thank you for the comments that you have left me. They have been encouraging. I would appreciate your prayers for my husband and his job situation. He is discouraged, which any man would be if they were out of work for almost 6 months. Pray that I would be an encouragement to him and that we would continue to see God's goodness while we wait.

mom said...

{{{Kimmie}}} After the enemy's discouragement, what a blessing to receive the Lord's clear encouragement! I think you have a beautiful idea that is already being fine tuned :-)

Tammy ~@~

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
The doll idea is lovely. I look forward to seeing it develop. I will pray for you and everything the doll represents.
I hope you got my e-mail. Please let me know if not.

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Hi, I have been reading you blog for quite some time and thank you for sharing.

I'd love to be part of the prayers too. I would appriciate prayers for a couple of things right now; one, we have a full-time ministry to feed children around the world and sent our 2nd shipment to Ethiopia two weeks ago. The food is waiting on some papers to be approved before it can be claimed by 4 different groups. There is also an incubator. Please pray that the necessary papers would be cleared so the children can receive the needed food. Prayer #2 is for my DH who left today for Haiti. There is a lot of unrest and rioting going on there right now due to hunger, please remember to pray for the small groups safety and for the group to get their work done. Thank you!! I hope it was ok to post this here.
Our next food shipment will be to Swaziland and we are waiting on shipping now.

I will be praying for your little one in Ethiopia.

Trendy Mindy said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words! I have been praying a lot lately - this week being Ash Wed and Lent...

Your Ethiopian princess is so adorable ;)!!

Take care God Bless! Mindy

Letitia said...

It is wonderful that you are stepping out and following God's instruction, and I know what it is like to be attacked by the enemy after doing so. I am praying for you today. It's funny because I realized that when I was reading about the doll that I was picturing it in my mind. Then I realized it was the rag doll version of your new cutie. LOL.
Please pray that God would give me vision of what His calling in my life looks like. i find myself at a point of feeling lost with it.

Tami said...

I love it! I would love to adopt but my husband is just not ready yet(although God might be having that change?). I homeschool our two children already. Praying for you and your doll would tie in perfectly to what I have been trying to teach them.

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