Jul 8, 2010

Prayer Update

I wanted to update all of you on my visit to the hospital.

I didn't get the opportunity to go in to see Chris.  I didn't get to pray with any of the family either.  There were many people who came to sit and wait with the family, which was nice, but no opportunity to pray.

 I did get to know Chris's mom much better; I am hoping God makes us friends.  She has been through so much in the last few years, watching her husband struggle with various forms of cancer and then last year (after a 10 year battle) he died.  Praise God, she had 4 of her 6 children sitting in the ICU waiting room with her last night.  What a beautiful family she is blessed with and what a mother's heart she has, such a devoted loving Mama. She needs Jesus though, as does all of her family.

Please keep praying for Chris and his family...as I will.  He will be in ICU for a while, so perhaps the next visit will give me a different opportunity to minister God's love to them. 

Yesterday for a few moments Chris opened his eyes up!  The MRI (first of 2) showed no trace of seizures, though they saw what looked like many Grand Mal Seizures (not sure I spelled that right?).  They now think that as they reduce his meds. of sedation, that the pain level soars and that the shaking his body manifests, is from the pain he is in. 

Please pray for healing for him (physically and spiritually) and for strength for his family as they wait.  They have been told that on Monday, that they will no longer have a suite at the hospital to stay in...which will make it so much harder on all of them.  Praying that God shows them favor and lets them stay close to Chris.

Thank you friends!


andrea said...

yes...i will be praying! May you hear God's gentle whispers and feel His discernment as you love this family to HIM!!!

Saminda said...

Praying for this family - I can't imagine how scary this would be. Praying for you too Kimmie. xo

Amrita said...

So sorry to hear about this tragedy. May the Lord help you to minister to this suffering family

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