Dec 31, 2013

Help...Calling All Large Families who are adopting!

This is both a shout out to those who are in adoption process
 (or who have very recently adopted- having a large family)
...and for prayer.  

We are in a quandary as what to do-

I know we have grown silent here in the midst,
 please understand that when one is in battle,
 sometimes remaining quiet is the best way to fight the enemy.  
However, their is then also time when the sword and shouting is the way to defeat the enemy you find yourself against.  

Time to take up the sword!

here is what we have been busy with,
 related to adoption over the past 3 plus years:

1.  Prayer and feeling the nudge from God to begin once again the *adoption process*

*my husband and I both felt this nudge

2. Getting approval of our state to adopt 

*our crazy state decided that 6 children should be the cut off.
*after 18 months, they said they had given us *pre-approval*
we thought this was for prepping us to adopt here in the U.S. , which led us to an agency that did child rescue from abortion and placing them into Christian adoptive homes.

3.  We signed on with an agency that did adoption through their birth crisis pregnancy center...

*only to have them tell us after 2 year that we would not ever get chosen, 
due to our family size.
*(frustrating for both the time and energy spent...
as this was not what they told us in the beginning of our sign on with them).

4.  To which we then returned back to where our hearts remain:  Ethiopia

*we chatted with our last agency and decided to get our home study ready for Ethiopia
(we were already home study U.S.A. ready)
*this was this summer...but then...

5. Last week when our social worker (working on our home study) called our agency...

*we learned that the program was no longer something they were recommending,
 due to changes in adoptions within Ethiopia.




our hearts are peace-filled.
we are seeking God.
He has spoken a few things to me ...

and so...

I am also reaching to you 
and asking you for help...


Adina said...

Hugs and prayers from here.

The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

No advice, just prayers.

Valerie said...

I will never understand such crazy rules. Ugh! The only person I know in real life that has a large family grown through adoption, did so through the foster system. They live in PA. I have read a number of blogs though with 10+ kids (mix of adopted and homemade)... to my knowledge they all live in the south.

I'm frustrated for you... but that won't do either of us any good, will it? *sigh* Praying for you. XO

Renata said...

Praying Kimmie! I can't imagine how frustrating all the rules are with adoption. Over here we are considered a big family & so a lot of intercountry adoption is closed for us. I don't know if you've heard but we are applying to become long term foster parents with the hope ( & prayers) of adopting in the future. I'd love if you could please pray for us as well. I am going to sit down & make a prayer list for 2014 & make sure your adoption (if it's the Lord's Will) is on it (your family automatically will be :)! Blessings

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